Is Chef Angelo Sosa Married? Does He Have a Wife?

chef angelo sosa

Instagram/Bravo Chef Angelo Sosa

Chef Angelo Sosa is one of the returning competitors on season 17 of Bravo’s Top Chef All-Stars. The show airs at 10 p.m. ET on Thursdays.

Sosa has a young son named Jacob and has been engaged before. But the celebrity chef, who is now based in San Diego, is not married. He told the network he has been with his current girlfriend for about a year.

Here’s what you need to know.

Angelo Sosa Says His Current Girlfriend Has Brought ‘Peace & Harmony” to His Life

chef angelo sosa

Chef Angelo Sosa and his girlfriend. Credit: Bravo

Angelo Sosa has kept his current romantic relationship very much under wraps. He talked about his current girlfriend in a “Where Are They Now” video for Bravo ahead of the Top Chef All-Stars premiere without mentioning her name.

Sosa likely met his girlfriend in San Diego. He mentioned that he met her shortly after moving to California and that they have been together for more than a year. Sosa described her as “pure joy” and that she “brings a lot of peace and harmony into my life and totally understands me as a person and as a chef.” His public social media pages do not include any photos of his girlfriend.

Angelo Sosa Was Previously Engaged to Longtime Girlfriend Kristina Romanenko

Angelo Sosa has been engaged before, but does not appear to have ever taken a walk down the aisle. His longtime girlfriend was Kristina Romanenko of Russia. They first got engaged in 2010. Bravo host Andy Cohen asked Sosa about her during a 2010 episode of What What Happens Live, but Sosa didn’t reveal details, according to

The engagement did not last very long. Grub Street reported in October 2010 the couple had been engaged while Sosa was on Top Chef, but decided to go their separate ways once filming wrapped. The website quoted a “rep” for Sosa at the time. “Angelo was engaged during the taping of season seven, but together they decided that they needed more time in order to get to know each other seeing that marriage is such a big step and figured that they would be better friends at this point.”

But on New Year’s Eve 2014, Sosa popped the question again. He told Bravo at the time that he and Romanenko planned to get married in Italy “in a fountain!” The network embedded an Instagram photo into the page, but the photo has since been deleted from social media.

It’s unclear when Sosa and Romanenko called it quits. A search of online records does not reveal any evidence Sosa has ever been married.

Angelo Sosa Shares His Son With an Ex-Girlfriend Who Lives In Northern California

Angelo Sosa does not appear to have ever disclosed the name of his son’s mother, either on social media or in interviews. Jacob Elias is now 11 years old and Sosa frequently posts photos of him on social media. Jacob needed a heart bypass surgery as a baby and has a chromosomal deficiency.

As referenced above, Sosa keeps a tight lid on his romantic life. But a search of online records reveals that in 2007, he owned a New York City apartment with a woman named Maria Lin. RealtyHop shows Sosa and Lin purchased two units for a combined total of $850,000.

There is little online information about Maria Lin. But according to property records, she now owns a 3-bedroom home in Palo Alto, California. Palo Alto is in Silicon Valley and part of the San Francisco Bay Area. In 2012, Sosa revealed in an interview with the Washington Post that his son lived in San Francisco but did not mention his child’s mother.

Sosa has also revealed on social media that his son does not live with him full-time. He often writes in the captions about how he misses Jacob. For example, he wrote in January 2019, “I started 2019…Happy…blessed…and my heart is heavy as I send my little man home…This year I tackled the one-thing that feared me the most…learning to be a responsible father.”

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