Corey Feldman Talks Death Threats Against Him for Years

Corey Feldman

Getty Corey Feldman arrives for a press conference in support of the Child Victims Act on March 14, 2018 at the New York State Capitol in Albany, New York. (Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images)

On March 5, 2020, at 2:51 a.m., Corey Feldman posted a tweet that claimed he had received a death threat. He claimed the threat was sent by the “Wolfpack,” an anti-Feldman online group. Feldman stated on The Wendy Williams Show that he has received many death threats over the years.

Corey Haim is central to Feldman’s ongoing campaign against the pedophiles he says are in Hollywood. He says the trauma from sexual abuse Haim suffered as a child actor was the cause of Haim’s early death (at 38). Since releasing his tell-all autobiography, Coreyography, in 2013, he has focused on what he claims was Haim’s experience as the crux of his mission. Over the course of the last seven years, Haim’s mother, Judy, has asked Feldman to stop using her son’s name and has voiced her unhappiness with the way Feldman is keeping his struggle in the public eye. The “Wolfpack” consists of Judy’s son’s fans who, like Judy, think Feldman should let Haim rest in peace.

Here’s what we know about Corey Feldman’s alleged death threats and the “Wolfpack”:

Corey Haim’s Mother Participates in the “Wolfpack”

In April 2019, Judy Haim, Corey Haim’s mother, told Rolling Stone that she is the one behind The Wolfpack.

Feldman first made mention of The Wolfpack in 2018. In various statements, Twitter posts and interviews, he claimed the group stabbed him with a syringe while he was in his car, attacked him on social media and made threats and false accusations against him. He also mentioned that he was almost run over by two monster trucks while crossing a road with his wife and a few of the Corey’s Angels while on the way to a venue that never bothered to prepare for his performance.

Judy Haim said that she has no intention to harm Feldman. She told The Blast in 2018 that she doesn’t care if Feldman names the names of people he believes are pedophiles in Hollywood. She just wants him to leave her son’s name out of his crusade. The Wolfpack, she says, were fans of her son who watch a YouTuber named Bobby Wolfe and formed the online group after the YouTuber posted an interview he conducted with someone claiming to be a former member of Corey’s “Feldfam.” The Feldfam is a group of supporters of Feldman and his cause.

Corey Feldman Has Been Granted a Restraining Order Against a Member of the “Wolfpack”

Feldman was successful in obtaining a long term restraining order against one member of The Wolfpack who sent him messages on social media. He was also granted five temporary restraining order for people who have been targeting him on social media. These restraining orders were granted in 2018. reported that police began to investigate Feldman’s claims that he was in danger after he showed them a tweet from someone saying they wanted to see Feldman get “gang raped in prison.”

On Twitter, Feldman continued to promote his 2020 documentary despite the commentary from The Wolfpack.

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