How Charlie Sheen Knows Corey Haim & Corey Feldman

Corey Haim and Feldman

Getty Charlie Sheen, Corey Feldman, and Corey Haim

How does Charlie Sheen know Corey Feldman and Corey Haim? The film Lucas was released in 1986 and it starred Corey Haim as Lucas, as well as Sheen. At the time, Charlie Sheen’s father, Martin Sheen, was a well-known name in the industry.

When it comes to movies that Sheen and Feldman were in together, they were in two. The two actors were both in Loaded Weapon 1 and Pauly Shore Is Dead.

Those who have followed the trials and tribulations of Corey Feldman closely are aware of the allegations involving Corey Haim and Charlie Sheen that surfaced in 2017. Haim’s friend, Dominick Brascia, claimed to the National Enquirer that Haim told him he had sex with Sheen when he was only 13 (Sheen would have been 20 at the time.) It allegedly occurred on the set of the 1986 movie Lucas, which is how Sheen met Haim.

As Movie Web points out, the claims have never been proven, and Charlie Sheen has denied all charges. Sheen’s rep has said that the actor “categorically denies these allegations.”

Haim’s Mother Says the Claim About Charlie Sheen Is False

In November 2017, Judy Haim, Corey Haim’s mother, appeared on The Dr. Oz Show. There, she stated that the allegations against Charlie Sheen are false.

In fact, while on the show, she claimed that Dominick Brascia was, the one who abused her son on the set of Lucas.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Judy told ET, “My son never mentioned Charlie. We never talked about Charlie. It was all made up… If my son was here to hear all of this he would throw up.”

Judy continued telling ET, “I’m fed up … Corey’s best friends are freaking out. They’re going, ‘What the hell is he talking about?’ They all know the truth because my son had a very big mouth. Every time he had an interview he told everybody what drugs he was on, what he was doing. We’ve never heard of Charlie, ever.”

Feldman’s Documentary Addresses Molestation Claims Involving Haim

In Feldman’s documentary, Feldman has said that he will expose the names of Hollywood players who allegedly molested him and his good friend Corey Haim, when they were teenagers.

While Feldman has spoken up about child abuse in the entertainment industry in the past, but he had yet to name those who he claims abused him.

According to MSN, Feldman went to police in 1993 to report the perpetrators, and they told him they “didn’t care”.

In his 2013 memoir, “Coreyography”, Feldman changed the names of the alleged abusers. He did the same in a television movie for Lifetime. In his book, however, Feldman did write that Haim experienced a sexual incident while working on the film Lucas, according to Cheat Sheet. In the biography, he wrote, “At some point during the filming [of ‘Lucas,’ Haim] explained an adult male convinced him it was perfectly normal for older men and younger boys in the business to have sexual relations, that it was ‘what all guys do.”

In 2011, when Feldman was asked about Sheen, he shared, “I’m not a huge fan of Charlie Sheen … especially the way he’s affected other people that I know,” according to the National Enquirer. 

A rep for Feldman later told Fox News, “Corey can only speak about his own experiences. He can only attest to events that he actually saw; anything he was told by other victims is merely hearsay. Unfortunately, some of them are not here to recount their horrors and all we can hope is that all abusers are held accountable.”

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