Fans Slam Shonda Rhimes After Karev’s Final Episode of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

Justin Chambers, Alex Karev

ABC ABC's "Grey's Anatomy" stars Justin Chambers as Alex Karev.

Following the “Leave the Light On” episode of Grey’s Anatomyfans took to Twitter to express their anger toward Shonda Rhimes and the handling of the exit of the longstanding character Alex Karev.

WARNING: SPOILERS for the “Leave the Light On” episode of Grey’s Anatomy follow. 

During the final episode of Dr. Alex Karev’s (Justin Chambers) 16-year tenure on Grey’s Anatomy, four characters received letters explaining where he went and why he left Grey-Sloane Memorial.

He said he left the hospital, his friends, and his wife to go be with Izzie Stevens, who viewers will remember left the show in season 6 after being diagnosed with cancer. Now, we have closure surrounding her character, but fans are calling out years of character development going down the drain for Karev’s character.

Outraged Fans Tweeted at Shonda Rhimes

While the episode was airing, fans took to their Twitter accounts to let Greys creator Shonda Rhimes know how they were feeling, and that led to some interesting Twitter moments.

Some people said that Rhimes has probably heard worse, seeing as she killed of Derek by getting him hit with a truck and having himself ironically be the only neurological surgeon that could have operated on his brain.

“Shonda Rhimes reading our tweets about boycotting the show every time another character leaves or is killed off knowing this show is a cult that we can’t escape,” Twitter user @nicmurray19 wrote.


Other fans tweeted about feeling foolish after thinking Karev would get a decent exit from the show when many deserving characters do not.

Others insinuated that this could actually lead to some people not watching the show anymore, which isn’t likely since the show has been going strong for 16 years and has dealt with some very emotional exits for characters.

Viewers Think Karev’s Character Development Regressed

When he first started at Grey-Sloane, Karev was a jerk who didn’t want to make friends. No one really liked him at the beginning, but he’d come a long way and eventually settled down with Jo, who he seemed to be happy with by the time his character left the show.

He did say he still loved her, but he was also in love with Izzie and wanted to be with his children after all he’d gone through growing up.

“This is worse than Derek Shepherd being killed off. This is abandonment of a character that has been through hell and back and who GREW from it. A character that is now inflicting intentional pain on his fragile wife. Alex Karev would NEVER have done this. Never,” one user wrote.

The memes were everywhere on Twitter, especially when it came to the fact that Alex was apparently always in love with Izzie, even though he had made no effort to get into contact with her in the last ten years.

People also expressed sympathy for Jo’s character since she’s been through a lot in her time on the show. She started as an intern who was still living in her car, and she’d later revealed to Alex that she’d been manipulated in abusive relationships in the past. He responded by saying he would never leave her.

The episode ended with Jo’s teased romance seemingly starting up even though the letter in her purse was probably still warm from her holding it for so long, and possibly wet with her tears.

Tune in to Grey’s Anatomy on Thursday nights to see how Jo, Meredith and the other doctors deal with the loss of one of their own.

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