‘Gaining the COVID 19’ Meme Goes Viral Amid Coronavirus Self-Quarantine

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While there is nothing funny about the deadly novel coronavirus which has forced American citizens into precautionary self-quarantine — while following the CDC’s guidelines, a hilarious meme has gone viral online about “Gaining the COVID-19.”

Now, there are millions of things more pressing to stress about during coronavirus, such as paying rent, or not being able to get tested for COVID-19 if you start having symptoms, a litany of other extremely unsettling issues to worry about during these uncertain times, but it’s also important to take some time to laugh. It’s good for the soul.

While everyone is hunkering down in their homes, people across the nation are having trouble portioning out their stockpiled food during the quarantine. In addition to suddenly having a ton of free time, and failing to find different ways to stay busy, “Gaining the COVID-19” jokes quickly spread on social media.

Jonathon Rosen tweeted, “I think it’s called Covid “19” as a reference to how many pounds I am gaining as I late night anxiety snack scrolling twitter. Like in a few weeks we’re all going to be like – did you gain the Covid 19?” While another user tweeted, “Who else will be gaining the covid-19 (lbs) while we do nothing in our home for the next month?”

What’s commonly known as gaining the “freshman 15” during one’s first year in college, is now the “COVID 19,” referring to people’s first two weeks in self-quarantine.

For those who live in cities that have closed gyms and fitness centers, many people are having trouble getting inspired to do at-home workouts.

There are also users online who at first, had a plan to work out and eat healthily during coronavirus, but it was a plan that didn’t last long. Especially, when they have kitchen pre-stocked with weeks of food, and a ton of time to cook big meals.

Between the stock market slowly crashing and the death toll from coronavirus rising daily stateside, many people are attributing “gaining the COVID 19” to stress eating.

While some users online argue people may lose weight by cooking at home more often, with bars and restaurants shutting down in major cities, there are also people utilizing take-out and delivery options more often.

Why So Many People May Be Over Eating During Coronavirus

Fast food

Part of the reason “Gaining the COVID 19” jokes are so funny is because they are ultimately relatable. While everyone deals with stress differently, it’s incredibly common for people to seek comfort in food. Also, working at home is a completely novel concept for millions of people, and they aren’t used to having 24/7 access to their refrigerator.

Jaclyn London, a registered dietitian and head of nutrition and wellness at Weight Watchers told FOX Business News, “Anytime you’re feeling particularly stressed out — whether it’s at work or at home — and you’re feeling aimless, we go to what’s comfortable, be tempted to overindulge in comfort foods.”

“It’s the disruption in the schedule,” London said. “Make sure your environment is set up so you have all of that produce, nutrient-dense food so when you’re going to snack you automatically have things available to you that are healthier options.”

London also recommends drinking a ton of water. “Drink early and drink often. There are so many times where people are like, ‘I just can’t stop eating,’ but really it’s really because you’re a little dehydrated.”

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