The Hannah Ann Sluss Pregnant Rumors & Fan Theories

ABC Hannah Ann and Peter Weber on 'The Bachelor'

Rumors have been swirling this season on The Bachelor, and one of the more jaw-dropping ones is that Hannah Ann is pregnant.

In a teaser for tonight’s episode, Chris Harrison tells Peter at the final rose ceremony that he has to share something with Peter– something that he just found out. After hearing the mysterious news, Peter tells Harrison, “I feel like I’m about to pass out.”

Could that news be that Hannah Ann is pregnant? Here’s what fans have to say.

Fans Think Peter Goes Back to Hannah Ann When He Realizes She Is Pregnant

One popular theory suggests Hannah Ann got pregnant in the fantasy suite, and Peter ultimately chooses to be with her to support her pregnancy.

Fans think the clip of Peter crying, saying, “I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean for this to happen,” is Peter telling Madi that he can’t propose to her because he needs to be with Hannah Ann.

On Twitter, one person wrote, “He got Hannah Ann pregnant during fantasy suites and has to go tell Madi that he can’t be with her because he has to be there for Hannah Ann.”

Others have echoed the same thoughts, with one viewer writing, “Chris tells Peter that Hannah Ann is pregnant BUT Peter had already decided to choose Madison at the final rose ceremony. Peter apologizes to Madison, telling her he is so sorry and didn’t mean for this to happen. Madison hits the road DEVASTATED and Peter’s mom cries…”

Reality Steve Has Spoiled the Ending of the Season– and It Doesn’t Include Pregnancy

Read on, but beware of spoilers!

It’s highly unlikely, if not impossible, that Hannah Ann is pregnant. The show filmed months ago, and the 23-year-old model has posted a number of photos to Instagram where she isn’t boasting a pregnant belly.

On top of that, Reality Steve has spoiled the ending of the season, and it does not include any pregnancies.

According to Reality Steve, when Chris Harrison tells Peter that there’s something he “needs to tell [him]”, it’s in reference to Hannah Ann considering leaving the show. She ends up deciding to stay.

Then, in a shocking turn of events, Peter proposes to Hannah Ann. But before you get your hopes up, know that Peter has since broken off the engagement.

Hannah Ann and Peter are not dating, and Peter has decided to pursue Madison. What Reality Steve isn’t too sure of is where Peter and Madison stand right now. “I don’t think it’s as solid as I reported on Thursday, but I also don’t think it’s dead in the water.”

Tonight, Hannah Ann, Madison, and Peter will all be in the studio live, and we’ll get our answers. Steve says that either Peter and Madison are together and solidly dating, or they’re still trying to work it out. It’s still possible that Peter is going to propose to Madison during ATFR, but we’ll have to wait and see how that all unfolds.

The show will air at 8pm ET/PT on ABC.

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