Kevin Jonas Has 2 Kids With Wife Danielle

Kevin Jonas

Instagram Kevin Jonas and wife Danielle Jonas.

Fans of Kevin Jonas are well aware that the musician has been married to his wife, Danielle, since 2009. Together, the couple has two daughters: Alena (6) and Valentina (4).

Read on to learn more about Kevin and Danielle, and their family of four.

Alena Spilled the Band’s Reunion Secret to Her Classmates

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How did I get so lucky!!?

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When the Jonas Brothers stopped by The Tonight Show in June 2019 to talk about their band’s reunion, they revealed that Alena actually shared the news with her friends before she was supposed to.

Kevin said, “She’s so proud … she did tell her entire school that the Jonas Brothers were coming back — before the Jonas Brothers were [coming back],” Kevin said.

Fortunately, her classmates didn’t spill the beans. Nick added, “We were trying to keep it a secret for basically a year. We were making this documentary, making the album. And we’re like, ‘We got this on lock. No one’s gonna tell.’ Kevin comes home and says, ‘Guys, Alena told her whole class.’ Luckily, those 5-year-olds … they’re tight-lipped.”

While Nick and Joe pursued their solo careers for a few years before the reunion, Kevin was busy spending time with his family. He tells Today that luckily, he has successfully been able to keep his daughters away from the fame that follows him. “We have been able to be pretty separated with our family and the fame. A lot of people don’t post about their kids or do anything. With us, we are so proud and so blessed to have our children and we also know how happy we are that I feel like we would love to share it. We are not trying to exploit anything in any way; honestly, I am just proud of my kids and just happy to have them.”

Kevin adds that when the band broke up in the first place, Danielle was already seven months pregnant, and he knew his life was about to change. “… my life was going to transition anyway, whether the band was continuing or not. In a weird way, I am lucky that I had the time to be at home, re-define my life in a way and focus on this, but it would have been interesting one way or another, even if we were on the road as a family.”

He Has Been Open About Not Connecting as a Father Immediately

In an interview with Oprah, Kevin opened up about the fact that he didn’t connect with his daughters immediately– something many fathers struggle with but often goes unsaid. He admits, though, that the obstacle didn’t last forever, and now he’s in a great place with his little girls.

“No one ever talked to me about it […] You see every picture of a dad sleeping on the couch with the baby on them and all this stuff. I didn’t find my place right away. Like I knew baby girl needed mom and that was great. I kind of dove into work because I was not fully finding my place yet, and I think that a lot of guys don’t realize how much of an effect it has, and now I’m in such a good place with her that it’s just so amazing.”

On the topic of fatherhood, he continued, “There’s a shock-and-awe factor, for sure… But just remember to take every day. You’re not going to get that day back.”

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