Kim Chiu’s Van Shot at in Quezon City: Actress Is Fine

Kim Chiu van shooting

Twitter/Kim Chiu Actress Kim Chiu pictured on her Twitter page.

Kim Chiu’s van was shot at in Quezon City in the Philippines on March 4. Chiu was on the way to tape her television series, “Love Thy Woman,” when the gunshots rang out. The assailants were two men riding in tandem on a motorcycle. In total, six shots were fired. Nobody inside of Chiu’s van was harmed.

In a tweet following the shooting, Chiu said that she appreciated all of the calls and texts regarding her wellbeing. Chiu credited her driver, Papa Jesus, with “protecting” her and her P.A.

Chiu, 29, still made it to her taping for the day. In her homeland, Chiu is known as the Chinita Princess. Chiu is one of the highest-paid actresses in the Philippines. She first rose to fame as the winner of the children’s reality talent show, “Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition.”

Chiu Speculated That the Shooting Was the Result of Mistaken Identity

On her Instagram page, Chiu posted photos showing the bullet holes inside of the van. Chiu said that the shooting took place around 6 a.m. while she was asleep inside of the car. The actress wrote that she was awoken to the sound of gunshots. Chiu speculated that the shooting was the result of mistaken identity. Chiu concluded the post by saying that she puts everything in God’s hands.

In a message to her fans, translated by CNN Philippines, Chiu said, “I saw this bullet on the windshield where my head is laying. I was thinking that it’s a good thing I was lying down. What if I was awake and continued reading my script? I was so scared, I don’t know what to feel right now.”

The Manila Times reported that the shooting caused mass gridlock in the middle of rush hour in Quezon City.

Chiu’s Driver Said He Did Not Believe the Actress Had Any Enemies

Kim Chiu's van shot in Quezon City; actress safe | UKGMANILA — Two gunmen on board a motorcycle shot the vehicle of actress Kim Chiu in Quezon City early Wednesday, her driver said. To watch more Umagang Kay Ganda videos click the link below: Check out what's trending on the internet! Click the link below: To watch more breaking news videos click the…2020-03-03T23:43:52.000Z

Following the shooting, Chiu’s name became the number one Twitter trend in the Philippines.

The shooting is still under investigation by the Quezon City Police District. Her driver told ABS-CBN that all he saw of the suspects were two men speeding away wearing black jackets and black helmets. The driver added that he did not believe that Chiu had any enemies.

Chiu is currently in a romantic relationship with her “Love Thy Woman” co-star, Xian Lim.

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