WATCH: Kourtney & Kim’s Huge Fight on ‘KUWTK’

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The season 18 premiere of Keeping Up With the Kardashians was full of fireworks between the two eldest sisters in the family, Kourtney and Kim Kardashian. Tension has been building over Kourtney’s desire to pull back from the reality show, and things may have finally boiled over at the end of the season premiere. Read on for details, but be warned of spoilers for “Fights, Friendships and Fashion Week Part 1.”

A Couple of Other Fights Lead up To the Big One

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Even before the big blow-up, things are very tense between Kourtney, Kim and their third sister, Khloe. Early on in the episode, Kourtney says she doesn’t feel like getting glammed up for an Architectural Digest shoot and then says, “I just honestly don’t want to film like ever again.”

Khloe takes some serious umbrage at that, saying, “She could have made the decision to quit. She chose to not quit. But she’s here today exactly where we left off. It’s affecting my mood that she’s so miserable that we’re here doing our job that she has agreed to.”

There’s another disagreement later about who is paying for the family’s trip to Costa Rica for North’s birthday, and then later Khloe and Kim confront Kourtney about her attitude and it makes her feel ganged up on.

“For years, it used to be Khloe and I against Kim and for the last maybe three years, it’s just been such a different dynamic where it’s Kim and Khloe against me. Just these little jabs and comments all the time. It’s so frustrating. I feel like my attitude back to them is a reflection of how they’re treating me,” says Kourtney.

Khloe says she’s trying hard not to offend Kourtney, but she’s “become a different person,” to which Kourtney responds, “We’re all different and we need to just accept each other for who we are.”

But Then Kim Makes a Snide Remark About Kourtney’s Work Ethic

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The big blow-up happens when the girls are talking about their mom, Kris Jenner, trying to get one of them to come to Paris in place of Kylie, who is very sick and can’t work the Balmain fashion show. None of them can, and Kim remarks that if it were her or Khloe who was sick, they would have found a way to do the show even on their death beds.

Kourtney bristles at Kim implying she doesn’t work hard and it is on.

“You act like I don’t do stuff … I will literally f*ck you up if you mention it again,” says Kourtney. “Literally shut the f*ck up and don’t laugh like that. You look like a freak. Honestly, change the narrative in your mind, I work my f*cking *ss off.”

It starts off as kind of a playful fight, and Kim and Kendall are even laughing about it, but then Kourtney turns very serious.

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“If I didn’t want to work my *ss off and I wanted to be a stay-at-home mom, that’s f*cking fine, you literal f*cking bitch,” she says to Kim and comes at her sister.

“Don’t ever come at me like that. I swear to god, I’ll punch you,” Kim replies. “Don’t f*cking use your nails on me.”

Kourtney then tells Kim to punch her or “shut the f*ck up” about it, and then Kim wallops Kourtney at least twice. It’s hard to see exactly what happens, but it looks like she smacks her pretty good.

And the episode leaves off there, so viewers will just have to tune in for the second half of “Fights, Friendships and Fashion Week Part 1” next week to see how it all plays out.

Keeping Up With the Kardashians season 18 premieres Thursday, March 26, at 8 p.m. ET/PT on E!.

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