‘Love Is Blind’ Star Diamond Says I’m ‘Not Homophobic’

Diamond Love Is Blind

Netflix/Kinetic Content "Love Is Blind" star Diamond makes a confused face while in the pod.

Love Is Blind star Diamond Jack was accused by some viewers of being biphobic and homophobic after she appeared on the Netflix series with Carlton Morton, who identifies as bisexual. It’s a label she vehemently denies.

As fans of the Netflix series know, Carlton, 34, revealed his sexual identity to Diamond, 28, while they were in Mexico on a faux honeymoon. They agreed to get engaged before ever meeting in person. Or even seeing each other.

Diamond was shocked at first and had questions for Carlton, who was defensive about her reaction. After the show’s release, both Carlton and Diamond said they received death threats.

Diamond thought it was “obvious,” but she told Heavy.com in an exclusive interview that she isn’t biphobic or homophobic. “I have nothing but respect and appreciate their honesty to the world,” she said about people who are sexually fluid.

Before telling Diamond about his sexuality, she was afraid there might have been someone else in the picture. “Honestly, I was thinking he did not want to be engaged or feeling like he might just call off the engagement because he might be married or still in love with someone else,” the Love Is Blind star told Heavy.com about Carlton.

Diamond Wishes Carlton Told Her Sooner

Afterward, Diamond was “hurt” by Carlton’s omission. “I was sincerely hurt and felt like he wasn’t upfront.  I had a blank stare because I was trying to process everything.  I felt embarrassed, but I felt like I should listen and be there for him as he exposed his sexuality,” she said.

Even though cameras were rolling the entire time, she wasn’t concerned about the way other people might view her response. “I did not think of how other people might judge my reaction,” Diamond explained. “To be honest, that did not cross my mind.”

But she wished he told her sooner. “I believe that should have been brought up in the pod,” the reality star said. “For one, we would have never had that explosive fight. We could have addressed and approached that conversation differently.”

Diamond was originally attracted to Carlton because of his personality, faith and the way they were able to communicate freely with each other. “Carlton was very charming, a gentleman, sweet, and funny, put God first, and we spoke about our families.  We built a strong connection based on our communication skills. He was really easy to talk to,” she said.

“We had a certain amount of time to make a connection and it felt like the time went by too fast every date.”

Diamond Has Some Regrets

In an interview with People magazine, Diamond admitted she wished she responded differently to Carlton. “I was trying to be very understanding, but I had questions because I’ve never been with a bisexual man,” she said.

“Maybe I should have been more encouraging and maybe start off saying, ‘I’m happy you were able to open up to me. I’m happy you’re able to bring this to my attention at this moment in time.’”

She said that reaction could have “changed that whole outcome of how we were aggressive toward each other.”

As People noted, Diamond and Carlton have reconciled, but they’re uncertain if they will resume a romantic relationship.

Season 1 of Love Is Blind, produced by Kinetic Content, is currently streaming on Netflix.

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