Madison Prewett & Peter Weber: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

ABC Peter Weber and Madison Prewett

Season 24 of The Bachelor has been a wild for everyone involved, but especially for Peter Weber and Madison Prewett. Now, that the cycle is coming to an end, Peter must finally choose between his final two women: Madison and Hannah Ann Sluss.

Madison, however, eliminates herself, which turns the tables a bit. According to Reality Steve, the 28-year-old Delta pilot proposes to Hannah Ann at the end of Monday night’s episode, but they are no longer together by the After the Finale Rose special which airs live on Tuesday night.

Because the franchise has managed to keep the finale shrouded in mystery, this is all conjecture, however, this is how we see Peter and Madison’s romance playing out:

1. Peter & Madison’s Parents Play A Huge Role In Their Relationship

Ultimatums only mean something if the person follows through on them, and while Madison reluctantly accepted Peter’s role in the season’s penultimate episode, reconnecting with his parents in Australia did not help the couple’s problems.

Like Madison and her parents, Peter is extremely close with Barbara and Peter Sr. So, when Peter’s Dad questions whether or not she can actually see their futures aligning, you can see her doubts further deepen.

Madison is already torn up from Peter sleeping with both Hannah Ann and Victoria F. after she voiced her honest opinion on the matter, saying that it would be extremely difficult to move forward toward an engagement if that’s the route he chooses. If Madison also senses that Peter’s parents aren’t choosing her as their No. 1 choice, it’s easy to see why she would want to quit and go home as soon as possible.

2. Peter Follows Madison To Alabama After She Quits The Show

Based on the fact that film crews were seen taping Madison in Auburn recently, Peter definitely chases after her for closure but then realizes just how much he’s in love with her, not Hannah Ann. Peter becomes frustrated with how he let his parents have so much sway over his decision.

Before Peter arrives, however, it’s likely going to come to Madison’s attention that her father Chad never gave Peter his blessing to marry his daughter during the Hometown Dates, making Peter’s challenge to win her back over all the more difficult.

As for Madison, learning he did propose to Hannah Ann, this adds another hurdle for Peter to jump through in order to convince her that he knows what he’s doing, and is ready to commit.

3. Justin Bieber Spotted Peter Attending Church Which Fans Believe Was Inspired By Madison

The pilot, who still lives at home with his parents in Southern California, has been spotted around Los Angeles, by none other than Justin Bieber, at his church. While the pop star was on The Ellen Show, Demi Lovato was filling in as the host and asked Bieber if he was a fan of The Bachelor. He replied, “Yeah, [Peter] was at church the other night.”

Lovato attends Hillsong, the same church as Bieber, which caused her to freak out with jealousy. “No, he wasn’t. I missed that? Stop it! You didn’t text me and be like ‘Yo Pilot Pete is here!?”

The important part of this story is that Peter actually went to church. For whom else other than Madison could’ve inspired him to start praying on a regular basis. After being in the dog house for sleeping with his other two finalists, and proposing to another woman, perhaps in order to prove to Madison and her family that he’s serious about becoming a better man, he committed to reconnecting with his faith.

Or maybe because he’s handled the entire season as The Bachelor so poorly, he’s looking for a type of guidance that isn’t his parents. Peter is no stranger to Christianity. He studied at Oaks Christian High School in Westlake Village and then went on to college at Baylor, a private Baptist university in Waco, Texas.

4. There Are Numerous Hints Peter Ultimately Picks Madison As ‘The Bachelor’ Winner

Aside from the fact that Madison seemed like endgame since their very first 1-on-1, fans of the show are master sleuths who’ve found more than a few hints that point toward Peter picking the 23-year-old foster parent recruiter as his winner, albeit after Part 1 of the finale. Especially, after discovering Peter partnered up with a charity called Seed to Mountain Ministries.

Not only does Madison’s father follow the charities’ Instagram account, but Seed to Mountain has also since followed Chad Prewett back.

The charity’s Bachelor campaign announced that the person who raised the most money for Seed to Mountain by the end of the season would win a trip to Uganda with Peter and the team. Madison has already visited Uganda to help families and children in Africa and she could’ve inspired Peter to make this particular promotional deal just before The Bachelor premiered in January.

5. Will Peter Propose To Madison During the ‘After The Finale Rose’ Special?

ABCMadison Prewett and Peter Weber

Now, this is the million-dollar question. It’s not hard to envision Peter working his way into Madison’s good graces, but it also makes sense that she would want to take things slow. She made it crystal clear that getting engaged six days after he had sex with another woman was ridiculous to consider, let alone engaged to another woman, and it’s likely they are dating… casually.

Host Chris Harrison teased that even Peter doesn’t know how this season ends, which likely means he hasn’t yet decided if he will propose, or on the flip side, are still dating after the show finale episode aired.

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