Masaya Location: Where Is the Volcano that Nik Wallenda Is Crossing?

Getty Nik Wallenda

In a death-defying performance tonight, Nik Wallenda will be crossing a volcano in Masaya. Here’s what you need to know about where the volcano is located.

The Masaya Volcano Is in Nicaragua

The volcano that Nik Wallenda is crossing tonight is in Masaya, Nicaragua and it’s appropriately called the Masaya Volcano.

The volcano is just 20 kilometers south of Managua, the capital of Nicaragua. Here’s a map of where the Masaya Volcano is located.

And here’s a look at where the volcano is in relation to other parts of the world, including how close it is to the United States.

Google Maps

Ther are actually webcams that show the volcano live, including a webcam of the outside of the volcano and the summit crater. You can see all the streams here.

Ash was last emitted from this volcano on October 14. Masaya is one of Nicaragua’s most active volcanoes, according to Volcano Discovery, which makes Wallenda’s attempt even more dangerous. The last eruption was in 2008, but in 2001 it had a sudden explosion that injured two people. The eruption lasted two minutes and created a new vent that was 10 meters in diameter.

According to ABC News, the volanco’s erupted 13 times over 30 years. Wallenda told ABC News that he’s risking his life to do this stunt, but he’s still going to take some time to take in the volcano’s beauty tonight. “I absolutely will look down,” he said. But he also admitted that he’s been waking up in “cold sweats” in anticipation of what he’s doing.

Wallenda will be walking on a wire that’s one-inch thick and 1,800-feet long, and this will be his longest, highest walk yet. The walk could take 30 to 35 minutes, as he has to be very careful as he attempts this feat. “Every step is dangerous,” he said. He also said the gas is going to make him more relaxed as he proceeds, but a protective mask and goggles will help.

Still, he said there’s a chance the goggles might fog over or his eyes might burn even with all the protection.

His wife will also be performing a stunt over the volcano tonight. She’s an aerialist who has also trained since she was a child. Nik shared the below photo on Instagram the day before his volcano performance, writing: “My wife Erendira is all smiles as she prepares for her aerial performance above the Masaya Volcano.”

Nik Wallenda proposed to Erendira during a high-wire walk. Erendira said the proposal happened in 1999 in front of 32,000 people, People reported. The proposal happened in a Montreal show that was sold-out. They were married in a courthouse because they didn’t have much money back then, and she couldn’t afford a wedding dress. She wore a blue dress with polka-dots. The couple has three children and they live in Florida.

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