Spider-Man Will Send Your Kid Words of Encouragement: How to Request a Message

Spider-Man Voice Message


Jake Johnson, one of the Spider-Man voice actors from the movie Into the Spider Verse will send your kids words of encouragement for free. The actor announced the initiative on Instagram, pointing out that many children are stuck in quarantine and he wanted to offer a way to help.

“Since the quarantine a lot of parents have DM’ed me saying they’ve been watching Spiderverse with their kids. A lot,” the actor wrote. “So, here’s my idea. If your child is home from school and wants a quick encouraging message from Peter B. [Parker], then send me an email with their name and I’ll try to send over a short voice note.”

He continued to say he may not get to everyone and apologized for that fact while encouraging people to “#stayhome.”

To get the voice message from the Into the Spider-Verse voice actor, send an email to peterbparkersayshi@gmail.com with your child’s name, and you may just get a message back from Spider-Man.

Jake Johnson Has Been Encouraging Social Distancing

The New Girl actor has been using his platform to encourage social distancing and quarantine amid the coronavirus pandemic. On March 19, he posted an image of himself and co-star Max Greenfield standing close to each other with locked arms. The Words “Not Okay #SocialDistancing” were written over the image. It was first posted by Greenfield.

Johnson reposted it, writing, “Thanks to @iammaxgreenfield for posting this. Also, thanks to all that have been living in the world of quarantine. I’ve been doing this since last Thursday. Weirdest 6 days I can remember. Anyone else weirding out? Keep quarantined. [It’s] worth it.”

Fans replied to the image telling him that he could talk to his fans if he was experiencing boredom.

Celebrities Are Also Reading Stories For Children

Actresses Jennifer Garner and Amy Adams recently began the “Save With Stories” initiative which features celebrities reading children’s books. The videos are posted on Instagram and Facebook for free.

“As COVID-19 hits the U.S., millions of kids need our help to learn & eat,” the description reads. “Join us, along with [Save the Children] and [No Kid Hungry] to #SAVEWITHSTORIES.

Some of the stories and celebrities so far are Brie Larson, who read Giraffes Can’t Dance, Weird Al Yankovic, who read When I Grow Up, Noah Centineo, who read Dragons Love Tacos, and Natalie Portman, who read Is Your Mama a Llama?. The stories are all available to watch for free online.

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