‘NCIS’ Star Pauley Perrette Returns to TV This Week

Pauley Perrette NCIS Alum

Getty Actress Pauley Perrette attends The Trevor Project's 2016 TrevorLIVE LA at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on December 4, 2016 in Beverly Hills, California.

Pauley Perrette is returning to TV and CBS this week with their new midseason comedy Broke. The NCIS star was persuaded to return to primetime after retiring for a few years by the Broke showrunners.

Though production of many CBS shows has been shut down due to the global coronavirus pandemic, Perrette’s new show was filmed early enough to hit the April 2 premiere date.

Broke premieres at 9:30 p.m. on Tuesday on CBS. According to the episode synopsis, “A single suburban mother struggling to make ends meet finds her estranged sister and her sister’s outrageously wealthy husband in need of a place to live after the couple’s money dries up.”

‘NCIS’ Stars Wish Perrette the Best

Michael Weatherly, who played Tony DiNizzo, the agent who ended up in a relationship with Ziva David, took to Twitter to wish Perrette the best in her new endeavors. Perrette played Abby Sciuto on NCIS for 10 years.

After Perrette announced the new show on Twitter along with the release date of April 2, Weatherly retweeted with an added comment.

“Setting my VHS tape system to ‘RECORD’,” he wrote. “I may have to tape over an old Friends episode. Go P! April is right around the corner.”

Perrette told TV Insider that, of all her NCIS co-stars, there are three she would like to have on Broke. First, she’d like Brian Dietzen, who played Dr. Jimmy Palmer on the show. At the time of Perrette’s departure, he said it was ‘bittersweet’.

Perrette also said she’d like to have Weatherly on the show, along with Timothy McGee’s actor Sean Murray.

Perrette Offered Advice For Self-Quarantining Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic

While quarantine and self-isolation are causing the majority of people to have to stay home and make dramatic changes in their lives, Perrette said that the new normal doesn’t faze her.

“I am a notorious recluse. And I’m also a notorious germophobe,” she told the Chicago Sun-Times. “I’m always making excuses when I don’t want to go anywhere, so now I don’t have to. I’m suddenly cool for the first time ever.”

The California resident offered Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti a list of tips she titled “How to survive being a recluse” after he asked her for advice for “people who are having to be” Perrette right now.

Her tips included fostering a pet (specifically through Petfinder), nurturing your green thumb, learning a new skill on YouTube, reconnecting with an old skill: using the telephone to actually call and talk to people, catching up on reading, exercising in place, and watching TV.

The tips included things like learning to exercise at home, possibly learning how to knit, and starting a garden that may or may not include bonsai trees. Perrette has four Venus fly traps and an Amaryllis. She said her next adventure is to grow a cactus.

Perrette celebrated her birthday on March 27. She asked for people to donate to their favorite charities or volunteer in lieu of giving her gifts.

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