NCIS: When Is the Next New Episode?

When Is NCIS On


There is no new episode of CBS’s NCIS tonight, as the show is taking a one-week break from airing new episodes. A new episode will air next week, March 24, 2020, and the remainder of the season has been shortened, meaning there are only three episodes remaining until the finale.

Tonight’s episode features Ziva David’s goodbye episode from earlier this season. Season 17, Episode 2 was the character’s official exit, though some fans believe she may still be back sometime later in the season or at a later date since the character is still alive and well.

Unfortunately, production on many TV shows has been delayed or canceled due to the current situation with COVID-19 (coronavirus.) Read on to learn about what we know when it comes to new episodes.

Season 17 Will Only Be 20 Episodes

On March 15, Sean Murray confirmed that CBS had ended the production of NCIS early due to the coronavirus pandemic. Production for Season 17 will not resume, which means that Season 17 will only be 20 episodes long instead of the usual 22 to 23.

Since NCIS has not yet been renewed for Season 18, it’s not clear if the show will ever get to see the ending of current storylines. If they are renewed, Murray tweeted that they plan on picking up where they left off for Season 18.

“As many of you have already heard, #NCIS production has been put on hold for the time being. we will wrap our current season with 20 eps complete and plan to pick up where we left off when we begin season 18. stay safe… we’ll see you soon,” the actor tweeted.

He confirmed a few minutes later that the show has not yet been renewed for Season 18.

What Happened On Last Week’s Episode?

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SPOILER WARNING: Spoilers for Season 17, Episode 17 “Welcome to the Dollhouse” follow. Read at your own risk. 

Last week’s episode of NCIS started with Bishop clearing out and cleaning up clothes, mementos, accessories and the like, which she planned on donating to the VA. Coworkers worried that she was cleaning out her whole life, but Delilah has also put together a donation box. Her box included McGee’s things including a shirt that Gibbs steals away as a new shop rag.

The case of the week was revealed to be the murder of Petty Officer Third Class Noah O’Donnel, whose body was found after it’d been dumped in the road with a gunshot to both the chest and the head. It’s revealed that Noah worked as an intelligence specialist at Quantico.

They’re trying to keep the case quiet since Noah’s parents were murdered ten years before and had become the subject of a popular podcast called The Fault in Fillmore, and the police don’t want Noah’s case to blow up in the same way. Noah’s case shared similarities with theirs, though, including the gunshots to the head and chest and the way the bullets had been removed.

The team investigated the case, filled with twists and turns until they found out that it was Noah’s friend, Paul, who killed Noah and then tried to frame Noah’s sister Claire for the crime. Sloane urges Claire to go to therapy when everything was over, and at the end of the episode, Bishop gets into the elevator with Gibbs and tells him she’s giving away her things because she’s not the same person she used to be.

Gibbs told her she can’t erase it all, and then Bishop got a text from Odette that read “Tomorrow 6 a.m.” The episode then ended.

Next up is “Schooled,” which sounds like it’ll feature a strong Sloane storyline.

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