Nick Tucci Dies: Beloved New York Actor Dies at 38

Nick Tucci Dead

Twitter/Nick Tucci Nick Tucci pictured on his Twitter page.

Nick Tucci, the Connecticut actor who appeared in shows such as “Homeland” and “Person of Interest,” has died at the age of 38 following an illness.

A Facebook post from Tucci’s father confirmed the actor’s tragic passing. Alexander Tucci heartbreakingly wrote, “On Tuesday, March 3, Nick died at the Smilow Cancer Hospital in New Haven, Connecticut. Nick chose to keep his illness private so that he could continue to pursue his professional and artistic dreams for as long as possible.”

Nick Tucci’s Father Said That Despite His Son’s Illness, He Continued to Work

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Tucci’s father said that despite his son’s illness, he was able to continue to pursue his career by auditioning and going on location to shoot. Tucci’s father heartbreakingly thanks his son’s colleagues and fans saying, “To those of you in the film, television, and theater communities…thank you for guiding, encouraging, and supporting Nick. To those of you who enjoyed Nick’s work on the screen and stage…thank you for recognizing his talent and appreciating his efforts. To all…thank you for your gift of friendship to my son.”

Tucci Was a Yale Graduate & Studied at the Famed Second City in Chicago

According to Tucci’s IMDb page, he was a native of Middletown, Connecticut, where he was born in April 1981. Tucci was a graduate of Middletown High School and of Yale University. At Yale, Tucci graduated with BA in Theater and was a member of the sketch comedy troupe, Suite 13. On the separate profile, Tucci says that he studied at The Alexander Technique and the Walch Acting Workshop in Los Angeles as well as at the famed Second City improv school in Chicago.

Tucci’s IMDb bio describes him as a “rabid, lifelong Stephen King fan, he owns a well-mannered Maine Coon cat named Church (after his favorite novel). Church is alive and well and lives in Middletown, albeit by a busy road.” Tucci suggested in a 2013 interview with HMZ Film that he may have gotten his Stephen King fandom from his father saying, “I’ve always been a horror fan, ever since I was a kid. The old Universal horror movies like The Wolfman were early favorites of mine, as was Jaws, which I used to watch over and over again. And my dad had a large Stephen King collection that I got into very early on. I think the chance to be a part of that on some level is what attracts me to the genre as an actor—the chance to participate in something that has always been so fascinating to me.”

Tucci Has 3 Movies Slated for Release in 2020

Tucci has three movies that are slated for release in 2020, “Ten Minutes to Midnight,” “Come Home,” and “Ballad of a Hustler.” All three are listed as being in post-production on IMDb. The horror movie website Bloody Disgusting paid tribute to Tucci thanks to his roles in the horror movies, “You’re Next” and “Channel Zero: The Dream Door.”

Tucci Credits One of High School Teachers With Having a Profound Effect on His Future Career

At Middletown High School, Tucci was the captain and All-Conference wide receiver for the school’s football. Tucci was also a junior Olympic boxer and a track-and-field athlete. Tucci’s father was a teacher and track coach at the school.

In a March 2019 interview with The Middletown Press, Tucci paid tribute to one of his former teachers who he credited with influencing his career. The teacher, Jim Bransfield, sadly passed away in February 2018.

Tucci said of Bransfield, “He was a great guy, not one to shy away from controversy, and not afraid to push buttons. He saw the ironic side of life, absurd nature of things, something a lot of people who grew up in Middletown appreciate. There’s an eclecticism to [the city]. That mindset shaped me as a person.”

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