Nik Wallenda’s Accidents & Injuries Over the Years

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Tonight, Nik Wallenda will dare to do the impossible when he walks over an active Nicaraguan volcano on a steel cable.

In the past, the 41-year-old has walked a tightrope stretch over Niagra Falls and the Grand Canyon, leading people to wonder if he’s endured any injuries throughout his years as a daredevil.

Read on.

Nik Has Never Suffered a Serious Accident

While Nik was involved in an accident in 2017 that resulted in severe injuries for his family members, he, personally, has not been involved in any severe accidents. In fact, he says the worst injury he has endured in his life is a broken toe.

Other members of the Wallenda family have not been as lucky. In 1962, The Flying Wallendas were performing a seven-person pyramid in Detroit, Michigan. They’d completed the stunt a number of times before. The pyramid collapsed and two members were killed. Nik’s great-uncle, Mario, was paralyzed from the waist down.

Then, in 1978, Karl Wallenda, the great grandfather of Nik Wallenda, fell to his death in Puerto Rico.

My Sun Coast quotes Nik as saying of his great grandfather’s fatal fall, “It was a walk in the park, if you will, and that was the one that took his life and that’s where we’ve learned that you can’t be complacent. I think that a lot of factors played into that and the biggest was the wire was stabilized improperly. The way it was put up, it shook under his feet and he went down to the safety of the wire.”

His Sister Broke Every Bone in Her Face During a 2017 High-Wire Fall

In 2017, Nik Wallenda, his sister, and six other circus performers were practicing an eight-person pyramid when something went wrong and the group fell to the ground. Nik was one of just three performers who were not injured.

Nik’s sister, Lijana, broke every bone in her face and had to be placed in a medically-induced coma, according to My Sun Coast. The damage required three plates and 73 screws in her face alone.

Tonight, Lijana will not participate in the “Volcano Live!” walk, but she will be present and cheering on her brother, who is admittedly scared.

In a recent interview with ABC 13, Wallenda said, “After spending years scouting and researching volcanoes, I fully realize why no one has ever attempted this feat: Mother Nature is extremely unpredictable. It is by far the most dangerous walk I have EVER attempted, and that alone makes it very intimidating,” said Nik Wallenda. “I am pushing myself beyond my comfort zone by the feat itself, but I know that I am up to the challenge. I must admit, it is scary.”

There’s more to the event than meets the eye, though. On Friday, Erendira announced on Instagram that the televised event would include, “The Biggest Stunt That Nikolas And I Have Ever Done Together.” They have kept the specifics under wraps.

“You’ll just have to tune in and watch,” Nik Wallenda said.

The tightwalker added in his interview with ABC, “The reality is I’m risking my life.”

Watch Nik Wallenda walk across the volcano live tonight on ABC at 8pm/7pmc.

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