Nik Wallenda’s Religion: Why He Is Always Praying During Walks

Getty Nik Wallenda

Nik Wallenda is attempting a death-defying walk across one of the most active volcanos in the world tonight. During his tightrope walks, Nick Wallenda always prays. Why does he pray? What is his religion? He’s a Christian. Here’s what you need to know about Wallenda’s faith.

Nik Wallenda Prays to Jesus During His Walks

Nik Wallenda is a Christian who prays to Jesus during his walks, HuffPost reported. When he crossed the Grand Canyon, he could be heard praying to Jesus. At one point he could be heard saying, “In the name of Jesus. Thank you Lord. Thank you for calming that cable, Lord…”

He said he has a deep respect and fear for God and he believes his talent was given to him by God. But he added, he doesn’t believe God’s keeping him on the wire. “I know where I’m gonna go if I do fall … I just feel confident in my beliefs that I’m gonna go to heaven,” he said.

Wallenda told The Christian Post that before any walk, he visualizes himself performing the walk successfully over and over, and then he prays while walking. He said: “My life is based on my faith. I guess the biggest role that it plays is that if I do fall and die I know where I’m going.”

In his memoir, “Balance: A Story of Faith, Family, and Life on the Line,” he said that God’s grace is what sustains him. Everything he’s achieved, he wrote, is because of his relationship with God.

In a Q&A published by Niagara Frontier Publications, Wallenda said that after he crossed Niagara Falls, he thought more doors would open for him than actually did. ” I thought it would open more doors – but I think it definitely proved to the world that I was capable of pulling this sort of thing off… Again, I thought a lot more would come out of that directly, but life doesn’t always work that way. There’s always twists and turns, etc., and got sent down that road. In the end, though, it was obviously an incredible experience.”

He said that he’s been wanting to walk across a volcano for some time, and he’s been training in his back yard in Florida. Part of his training included walking while breathing through a straw.

He said that praying while walking the wire is important to him and he gets very little negative feedback about it. Most people, he said, feel emboldened to be more outspoken about their own faith or to be more courageous, whether dealing with a health issue or an accident.

“It’s not me trying to preach to somebody,” he said in the Q&A. “It’s me living my life, just like everybody lives their life – this just happens to be broadcast on TV around the globe.”

His wife will also be performing a stunt over the volcano tonight. She’s an aerialist who has also trained since she was a child. Nik shared the below above on Instagram the day before his volcano performance, writing: “My wife Erendira is all smiles as she prepares for her aerial performance above the Masaya Volcano.”

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