Petition To Remove ‘90 Day Fiancé’ Star Geoffrey Paschel Nearly Reaches Goal

Geoffrey Paschel 90 day

TLC A petition is going around to remove "90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Day" star Geoffrey Paschel from TLC.

A petition that is asking TLC to remove Geoffrey Paschel from Season 4 of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days has nearly reached its goal of 2,500 signatures. At the time this article was written, 2,433 people had signed.

On the reality TV series, Paschel revealed he was arrested on drug charges, but it’s not his 20-year-old offense that is troubling fans.

The Full Allegations Against Paschel Have Not Been Addressed by TLC

First uncovered by Starcasm on February 3, Paschel was arrested in Tennessee for allegedly attacking his live-in girlfriend in June 2019. He was charged with aggravated kidnapping, domestic assault, interference with emergency calls and vandalism.

The alarming order of protection from his then-girlfriend claimed he physically abused her and took her phone so she couldn’t call for help.

Paschel is slated to return to court this month. Further, Starcasm claimed Paschel was accused of abuse by two of his ex-wives, including his estranged wife. That means Paschel was still legally married when he filmed the show about meeting his Russian girlfriend Varya.

TLC did not immediately respond to’s request for comment.

The Petition Creator Wants to Alert TLC’s Advertisers

To seemingly nudge TLC, the petition creator, who remains anonymous, said they wanted the network’s advertisers to be aware of Paschel’s criminal charges. “We would also like to make advertisers aware of what they are supporting, and hope to see that your companies will not stand for promoting such atrocities as these,” they wrote.

“He has been accused of kidnapping, abuse, rape, child endangerment, dealing drugs, felony larceny, theft and battery,” the petitioner added. “He is barred from ever entering Canada.” The person then listed multiple allegations against the 90 Day Fiancé star.

As Starcasm broke down in an earlier article, Paschel has an exhaustive criminal record. When he was 19 years old in 1997, he was charged with multiple drug offenses. A few years later, he was charged with theft under $500. The following year, he sentenced to 30 months in prison after being convicted of conspiracy to distribute narcotics.

He seemingly stayed out of legal trouble for a decade, until 2013, when he was arrested for theft.

Paschel Defended Himself on Instagram

As far as Paschel is concerned his past is the past and he wants to move forward with his life. He didn’t, however, directly address the abuse allegations. Paschel took to Instagram on March 2 to address concerned 90 Day Fiance fans.

Well, guys, it is MY past. It is MY life. It is MY choice. If we were all the same: thought the same, looked the same, or acted the same, how lame would that be?
My closed-up life was the only way I knew to live. I hid so much about myself—whether it be my age, my history, or even my relationships. What crazier, whacked up way could I have done it any better than blasting out there? With the path I chose, it cannot EVER be reversed.

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