Reza Farahan’s Restraining Order Against Mercedes Javid’s Husband Tommy Feight

Reza Farahan

Getty Reza Farahan and MJ Javid.

In October 2019, Reza Farahan was granted a 3-year restraining order against MJ Javid’s husband, Tommy Feight.

The order stems from a May incident during which Feight allegedly vandalized Farahan’s home, which he shares with his partner Adam Neely. In the restraining order, obtained by E!, Farahan also alleged that Feight called him and said: “he was going to kill me.”

MJ and Farahan Are ‘No Longer Friends’

Multiple reports suggest the entire incident stems from a longstanding feud between MJ and Reza.

When The Blast spoke with Reza, he explained that a few months ago, MJ began spreading rumors about Adam Neely.

As a result, Reza blocked MJ on social media. She subsequently went on a “campaign” against him and he decided to post their text conversations on social media.

The Blast writes, “Apparently one of the text messages divulged some personal medical information about MJ from when she was in the hospital giving birth, and Tommy freaked out and became very upset. Reza says he got a call from Tommy, but then hung up right away when the man began threatening him.”

That is when Feight allegedly vandalized Reza’s home.

Video Footage Shows Feight Creating a Mess in Reza’s Backyard

Video footage obtained by The Blast shows Feight in Reza’s backyard, throwing potted plants.

In July, Feight pleaded not guilty to vandalism and trespassing charges, according to E!.

In early March, Farahan opened up to ET about his feud with MJ. He explained that it all began when MJ “plotted” to make Neely appear as if he’d done something wrong.

Reza told ET, “My friend of 30 years betrayed me. They took something [innocent] and turned it into something that wasn’t. And MJ fed to her little friend that this is borderline sexual harassment … and it got super convoluted and I immediately knew that MJ’s dirty fingers were all over it.”

The drama between Reza and MJ escalated after MJ claimed that Reza did not visit her in the ICU. Reza tells ET, “MJ was going around town, telling every outlet that I blocked her while she was dying in the ICU, [which] couldn’t have been further from the truth. She and I were communicating the whole time. I was just gathering all my information, because I knew she was behind it, so I was livid. I was on fire. So, I knew if I went to the hospital, I would get into a fist fight with [her husband] or some bad thing would happen.”

As a result of the vandalism, Reza says that he and Adam lost their mutual friend, MJ, and “put plans to have a baby on hold because they were terrified in their own home,” according to E!.

Still, Reza says, he cares for MJ. “I still love MJ. I will always love MJ,” he says. “I just don’t like her right now. And the fact that she’s more concerned about being seen as the villain as opposed to being honest and coming clean is what’s the most hurtful. But I attribute it to the people she has around her and in her ear.”

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