SacTown Bar in Sacramento is Rescued on ‘Bar Rescue’

SacTown on Bar Rescue

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Paramount’s Bar Rescue is back tonight, March 1, at 10 p.m. for the season premiere, and the episode will see host Jon Taffer and guest star T-Pain rescue SacTown Sports Bar and Restaurant in Sacramento, California.

SacTown, which was renamed Brannan Manor Restaurant & Spirits, is located in Old Town, Sacramento. The makeover of the bar took place in late October 2019.

A friend of Chris Eaton, the owner of SacTown, told The Sacramento Bee that Eaton had always had a dream of opening a sports bar but knew it would be a gamble to open one in Old Town.

“Obviously, they were banking on the traffic from the arena coming, traffic from the field coming here and supporting these local restaurants and businesses, which didn’t happen, and Chris was in trouble,” he said. “And Bar Rescue, which I’m a big fan of and watch because it’s not just about bars, it’s about business, they came in here and looked at this business and saw it was a business worth saving.”

He said it was amazing to see one hundred people walk in during Taffer’s stress-test of the bar, which was a complete failure. The revamp happened a few weeks later.

SacTown Sports Bar and Grill is Now Brannan Manor

During Bar Rescue’s makeover of the sports bar, the team told the owner he needed to rethink the whole idea of a sports bar in the location. This led to a change in the name of the business.

A promotional video for the restaurant promises a fun environment to hang out with friends, huge portion sizes for the food for breakfast, lunch and dinner, over 40 fresh beers on tap and signature cocktails.

According to clips released on Twitter, SacTown had been open for about three years at the time of Bar Rescue’s visit, and the owner had put over $300,000 into the business. It was reportedly losing around $8,000 a month even though the bar is in a spot with over 3 million yearly visitors.

“Sports Bar is the most popular concept in America,” Taffer said in the clip. “There’s thousands of them in every city, so if this is a tourist neighborhood and you came here with your family, you’d want to do something that’s indigenous to here.”

That’s where the idea for the new name came from, with the idea that the bar should be more about the area of the town than it is about a sports bar.

Reviews Are Generally Positive

On Facebook, Brannan Manor Restaurant and Spirits has a 4.1 out of 5-star rating from guests. It has been recommended by 15 people, and the reviews often mention the great service, good food and cold beer.

Out of 363 reviews on Google, Brannan Manor has a 4.1-star rating. Some reviews mention the change from SacTown to the new restaurant.

“Now that they have changed the name to Brannan Manor Restaurant & Spirits, they have created an even more amazing restaurant and bar. It is really classy and their prices did no go up,” one reviewer writes. “Their menu has expanded to include some fine dining options that are very reasonably priced.”

One negative review from February 29 reads “Service was horribly slow. Ordered drinks and watched them sit on the bar until the ice melted. Ordered appetizers and it took 45 minutes and then came with the meal. Will never come back to this place. Obviously the Bar Rescue claim to fame didn’t rescue this place.”

On Yelp, the restaurant has a 3-star rating based on 27 total reviews. All the reviews on Yelp have been left after the Bar Rescue episode was filmed. Many of the reviews mention the show’s visit as a reason for their visit to the restaurant.

Tune in to Bar Rescue on Sunday, March 1 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on the Paramount Network to see the rescue of SacTown.

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