‘Survivor’: Michele Fitzgerald’s Ex-Boyfriend is Wendell Holland

In the previews for next week’s Survivor, Michele Fitzgerald laughs as she says she can’t believe she is out on an island with her ex-boyfriend. That ex-boyfriend is none other than fellow “Winners at War” contestant Wendell Holland.

Here’s what we know so far about them.

Michele and Wendell Dated For a Short Time After They Each Won

Fitzgerald is the winner of Survivor: Kaoh Rong, which was the 32rd season of the series and the second “Brawn vs. Brains vs. Beauty” season. It aired in the spring of 2016. Holland is the winner of Survivor: Ghost Island, the 36th season of the show that aired in the spring of 2018, which makes him one of the most recent returning winners for “Winners at War.” According to ScreenRant, the two of them dated for a short time after Wendell’s win.

That tracks because he’s really the only man out there who could be the “ex-boyfriend” Michele mentions. Everyone else is in a long-term relationship and while yes, out in the world affairs do happen, it doesn’t seem like that would be something Survivor or Michele or the man in question would want to publicize. So by the process of elimination, she has to be talking about Wendell.

Still, the two have really kept their relationship in the down-low, but it sounds like it was a fairly amicable split. In a pre-show interview with Xfinity, Holland said of Fitzgerald, “Michele Fitzgerald is a friend of mine,” which he probably would not have volunteered if they weren’t at least on friendly terms.

Fitzgerald was similarly vague, telling Xfinity, “I have previous relationships with some people, based on winning at a similar time. Some of the most recent winners have been male … I have relationships with Wendell, Adam, Nick … I know them all. I don’t know how solid those foundations are, I haven’t solidified anything. But, going in it’s nice to see a friendly face.”

The two of them have also interacted on Twitter several times over the years, so it really does seem friendly.

Fans Seem Very Split Between Those Who Knew and Those Who Are Shocked

Twitter is abuzz with Survivor fans that fall into two camps. Those who knew about Fitzgerald and Holland and are all saying, “It’s about time the show acknowledges that they dated” and those going, “OMG, WHAT?!”

There are also a few fans who are just sad they didn’t know about it at the time so they could have been ‘shipping another Survivor couple. But regardless of if the fans knew or not, a lot o them are suddenly rooting for Fitzgerald and Holland to become the Boston Rob Mariano and Amber Brkich of “Winners at War.” Rob and Amber went on to get married and have four kids after playing “All-Stars” together.

But Holland and Fitzgerald truly seem to have kept their relationship lowkey — they are nowhere on each other’s Instagram. If it never went “Instagram official,” did it really happen?

We’ll have to wait until Survivor’s March 11 episode to find out how this all plays out for Fitzgerald and Holland. Survivor airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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