Taco on ‘The Masked Singer’ Clues & Guesses So Far 3/4/2020

The Taco The Masked Singer

FOX Let's "guac" about the true identity of The Taco on Season 3 of "The Masked Singer."

In the last two weeks, two competitors from Group B on Season 3 of The Masked Singer have gone home. The Taco took the stage Wednesday, where more clues were revealed.

Warning: Spoilers are at the bottom. If you would like to see who was revealed, please scroll down.

Here’s what we have learned about The Taco and the best guesses about their identity so far:

‘The Masked Singer’ The Taco Clues & Guesses

The Taco returned to the stage to sing “I Can’t Help Myself” by The Four Tops.

The judges loved his performance. “Babe, I love Taco. Taco makes me so happy,” Nicole Scherzinger said.

“You connect with the audience,” Ken Jeong added. “Everyone loves a taco and everyone loves you.”

This week, Taco said his friendship bracelet was for Scherzinger. It said, “kiss.” At the end of his performance, Taco noted that he and Scherzinger didn’t share an actual kiss. “I’m sure Nicole has put lips to a taco before, just not this one,” he said.

The Taco on ‘The Masked Singer’ Top Guesses

The top guesses for Wednesday’s night performance were Howie Mandel, Barry Manilow, and Jerry Springer.

Robin Thicke guessed it was Mandel because he saw a reference to “let’s make a deal” in the package, and Mandel hosted Deal or No Deal.

Scherzinger said she had kissed Manilow before and noted that she thought his voice matched Taco’s vocals.

Springer was considered a possibility because, as noted in Taco’s clue package, Springer likes to help people and has had a long career.

One of the top guesses before Wednesday’s episode was Tom Bergeron, the Emmy-winning host of Hollywood Squares and Dancing With the Stars.

He’s also appeared on America’s Funniest Home Videos, which could have been what the VHS clue was about. More, he’s been in the entertainment businesses since the 80s, where he started as a radio and TV host. This would make sense for the “decades” clue.

Who Was Unmasked on Wednesday?

The fans were right. Tom Bergeron was unmasked as The Taco. The judges were so confused.

“Jenny actually wrote the blurb on the cover of my book,” Bergeron revealed.

In fact, he’s close to most of the judges. “Of the regular panelists, the only person who is not a friend is Ken,” the host revealed.

It hasn’t been easy for Bergeron to perform on The Masked Singer. “This was the most work I’ve done in years,” he joked.

As for Scherzinger, he revealed his bracelet was a reference to her time on Dancing With the Stars. “You got a perfect score on Dancing With the Stars dancing to Kiss,” he said.

To find out who is unmasked next, tune in to new episodes of The Masked Singer Season 3, Wednesday nights at 8/7c on FOX.

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