‘The Bachelor Memes for Women Tell All 2020

The Bachelor Women Tell All Memes

ABC "The Bachelor: The Women Tell All" - Peter's dramatic and emotional journey is about to come to an end. But first, he must come to grips with Madison turning away from the strong relationship they have developed until the fantasy suites. Will Madison even show up to the rose ceremony? And then it's a sensational and shocking "The Bachelor: The Women Tell All," MONDAY, MARCH 2 (8:00-10:00 p.m. EST), on ABC.

Before The Bachelor season 24 comes to its conclusion, Peter Weber’s rejected contestants were first brought together to air their dirty laundry and address events during filming for a “Women Tell All” special. The episode, which aired on Monday, March 2, featured a number of hilarious and shocking confrontations that viewers quickly turned into memes on Twitter.

Before the “Women Tell All” special even began, Kimberly Saltz tweeted a gif of Chris Pratt fending off velociraptors in the movie Jurassic World; with it, she wrote “Live footage of Chris Harrison managing this #WomenTellAll.”

Read on for some of the best Bachelor memes that emerged online during the “Women Tell All” episode.

Chris Harrison’s Crest White Strip Commercial Stole the Show

Early on in the night during a commercial break, Chris Harrison was featured in a Crest White Strips ad and the internet jumped at the opportunity to turn it into a bunch of memes about season 24 of The Bachelor.

Matt Varchetto tweeted “Chris Harrison’s 30 second Crest commercial was better than this whole season of the Bachelor.”

@scde_de jumped at the opportunity to crack a joke too, sharing a screenshot of Harrison’s commercial with the caption “Peter hasn’t looked at any of the girls this season the way that Chris Harrison just look at those Crest Whitestrips.”

Kelley’s Absence From the “Women Tell All” Taping Did Not Go Unnoticed on Twitter

Kelley Flanagan, a fan-favorite cast member for The Bachelor season 24, was noticeably absent from the “Women Tell All” special, which asked back 17 former contestants. Flanagan made it to the final 6, so it was odd for her to not be present on the “WTA” stage.

@Elizabeth_0akes tweeted “Not having Kelley there is a disgrace but we also know she would not have time for this petty bullshit that we are about to sit through.”

@BachelorFantake used the popular Arthur fist meme to express their feelings about Kelley not getting included in the reunion episode.

Yet another user called out The Bachelor and Chris Harrison for Kelley’s absence, tweeting “Chris keeps saying everyone is here but…where’s my queen.”

Katie Drennan made the (probably accurate) assumption that Flanagan was perfectly fine being left out of the drama.

Peter’s Parents Hooking Up in the Back of a Car Became the Night’s Biggest Meme

While the two-hour special was chock-full of drama and confrontations, the most memorable moment of the night was a bit between Peter’s parents that made it seem like they were having sex in the back of a car. It was random and awkward, and an easy target for the night’s meme-rs.

@acceptedrose lamented “They really had to show us that staged scene of Peter’s parents having sex in the back of that car..” on Twitter, including a screenshot of a YouTube video entitled “Blind myself with a lamp for no reason!!” for dramatic effect.

@kat_nein was similarly disturbed and tweeted a hypothetical conversation between the Bachelor producers and Peter Weber that made reference to John Krasinski’s character on The Office.

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