The ‘Poop Challenge’: Parents’ Bathroom Joke Videos With Kids Go Viral

The Poop Challenge

Twitter Parents playing bathroom joke on their kids in the viral 'Poop Challenge'

While most of America is being forced to stay home in order to fight the pandemic spread of coronavirus, parents with young children are apparently discovering extremely new and unique ways to keep themselves entertained. While the “Poop Challenge” sounds like a disgusting event that no person would ever willingly want to be a part of, there is no actual poop involved in this challenge whatsoever.

Mimicking late-night TV host Jimmy Kimmel’s annual “I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy” joke, parents have replaced holiday treats with kid-friendly bathroom humor. It’s no easy task taking care of kids amid self-quarantine, but this joke is keeping parents laughing through these uncertain times.

For the “Poop Challenge,” parents sit on the toilet with the bathroom door closed and yell out for one of their kids to grab them a roll of toilet paper, the most coveted item amid COVID-19. Once their son or daughter brings them the bathroom tissue, their parent then pretends to “accidentally” get some poop on their hand and tapes their reaction.

Some of the videos shared online were absolutely hilarious and have racked up millions on views. The hashtag “poop challenge” started trending on Twitter, which encouraged even more parents to join in on the fun.

As expected, many children immediately started crying and didn’t know what to do with themselves. They were horrified at their parents’ guffaw. One older sister played the trick on her younger brother and he was not happy.

Another toddler didn’t quite understand what was happening, but with the non-stop laughter happening in the background, you can tell that her mother finds it hilarious anyway. Upon being tricked, one young boy named Cameron looked at his mom as if she had lost her mind.

It seems the “poop challenge” videos started sometime last week and has slowly ramped up in popularity. Like with Jimmy Kimmel’s Halloween candy prank, some kids were on to their parents’ joke from the beginning. One boy was actually so confident his mother was just playing that he licked his hand. Another young girl, instead of getting upset, consoled her mother and said, “It’s okay.”

Is the “Poop Challenge” a bizarre joke to play on your children? Sure. Does it sound awful? Yes. But because there is no real poop that is being used in any of the videos, it can also be quite funny.

Not Everyone Online Found The Trending ‘Poop Challenge’ To Be Funny

However, for many users online, this joke was deplorable. Mike Dice tweeted, “After seeing the #poopchallenge videos it’s clear that many American parents are morally bankrupt, narcissistic degenerates who shouldn’t be raising children and need to be arrested for child abuse and thrown in prison

For The Tik Tok ‘Coronvirus Challenge’ A Social Media Influencer Licked A Toilet Seat

While parents used peanut butter, chocolate, or barbecue sauce to trick their kids in the “poop challenge,” when Ava Louise filmed herself licking an airplane toilet seat for the “Coronavirus Challenge” on Tik Tok, it was unfortunately real.

Sharing the video on Twitter she wrote, “Please RT this so people can know how to properly be sanitary on the airplane.” While Ava Louise’s video racked up millions of views, she was panned online for so grossly going against the CDC’s rules amid coronavirus. She later tweeted, “Y’all want me to go to jail but I don’t have coronavirus so I didn’t put anyone at risk… NOT EVEN MYSELF I BLEACHED IT.”

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