John Krasinski’s ‘Some Good News’ YouTube Series Is Exactly What We All Need [VIDEO]


John Krasinski’s new YouTube series, Some Good News, is pretty much exactly what we all need right now. Every day we’re inundated with more bad news about COVID-19 and the coronavirus, and we desperately need something to balance it out. Enter John Krasinski to the rescue with a series of news stories guaranteed to make you smile (and maybe shed a tear or two.)

The YouTube series is a simple concept, filmed from his home with happy video clips, funny commentary, and interviews. This week, one of his interviews was with a sweet cancer survivor who wanted to make sure she thanked the nurses who took such good care of her.

Krasinski’s first episode also included an anniversary interview with Steve Carell that will make you laugh, a scene from a nursing home that was so heartfelt it will make you cry, and a wonderful parade of videos showing people thanking doctors and nurses around the world.

Here’s the first episode in case you missed it.

At just 15:43 minutes long, it’s a short news show that I wish could have gone longer. But I can’t wait to see what’s next.

Here’s the promo.

It looks like you can expect the episodes every Sunday night, but that’s always subject to change. Episode one of SGN aired late on Sunday night, March 29. If you want to know right when the next episode airs, simply visit the SomeGoodNews YouTube channel and click subscribe. Then choose to be notified whenever the channel adds a new video.

If you want to submit a story idea, you can do so through Krasinski’s Twitter account. On March 25, he announced the new show and asked people to send him stories that made them smile.

It looks like Krasinski is really finding ways to create silver linings. He just recently had to announce that his movie, A Quiet Place II, was being delayed due to the coronavirus.

But despite this, he found a new way to help people and reach out to them, even while he’s sheltering at home like so many other people across the world.

And Twitter is already responding with some wonderful ideas, like this one showing a cat who discovered fidget spinners.

Or a chalk walk with positive messages to brighten a neighborhood.

If you need something to fill your time while waiting for the next episode, just check out the good news stories so many are sharing. Here’s a couple who got married in their living room and shared the wedding via Facebook Live.

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Or a toilet paper snowman.

And here’s another wholesome video.

As some have said, this is exactly what the world needs more of right now.

He even updated his profile to point people to the new show, so nobody misses it.

If the first episode is any indication, Some Good News is going to be a huge hit.

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So if you’re feeling down when the new week is kicking off, you can now check out the Some Good News YouTube channel for a new installment. It’s guaranteed to make you smile.