WATCH: Nik Wallenda’s Highwire Wheel of Death Performance

Nik Wallenda Wheel of Death


Daredevil tightrope walker Nik Wallenda will be walking on a thin, steel cable  over a volcano in Nicaragua tonight, March 4, 2020, in an event that will be broadcast live on ABC beginning at 8 p.m. EST.

In April 2011, Wallenda brought his “Wheel of Death” into the spotlight when he performed a high-wire walk 55 feet above the Fiesta Plaza in The Quarter at the Tropicana Casino and Resort in Atlantic City.

At the time, Wallenda had been performing on the “Wheel of Death” for over a decade. His Instagram shows a photo of him first performing the stunt at only 8 years old. However, the performance in Atlantic City differed from those other times.

“The apparatus is 45 or 50 feet tall. You are 50 feet off the ground, and that’s it, but now, we are putting it out over the edge of a building, so it’s a mental thing more than anything,” Wallenda told The Press of Atlantic City when speaking to the nerves he felt before the performance. “So, there will be quite a bit of stress before doing that. Anytime I do anything major that is untraditional […] there are quite a few nerves involved.”

Watch The Video

Nik Wallenda performs a stunt on the "Wheel of Death" at Tropicana Casino & Resort in Atlantic City.Nik Wallenda performs a stunt on the "Wheel of Death" on the 23rd story of Tropicana Casino & Resort's South tower in Atlantic City.2011-04-29T21:24:37.000Z

There aren’t any point-of-view videos of this stunt, unfortunately, but there is a video of the performance from the ground.

The performance starts off with Wallenda inside the wheel, which is placed on the side of a building. He walks with the rotation of the apparatus. He also performed flips inside the wheel.

Later, Wallenda is seen outside the wheel, walking along the top of it as it rotates. At one point, it appears he stumbles, almost falling forward on the wheel. He later grips the side of it as he starts to get ready to dismount.

Though it cannot be seen in the video, Wallenda performed part of the act on the wheel blindfolded, and he also jumped rope while on top of the wheel.

Earlier in the day, Wallenda walked a tightrope inside the casino’s shopping center.

Wallenda Will Walk Over a Volcano

Wallenda will be walking on a steel cable over an active volcano on March 4, 2020 at 8 p.m. EST. The performance will be broadcast on ABC.

Prior to the walk, he and his wife, Erendira, will perform a stunt together, according to Erendira’s Instagram photo. She said the televised event will include “The Biggest Stunt That Nikolas and I Have Ever Done Together.” They have not announced what that stunt is.

During the walk, the tightrope walker will have to wear either a filter mask or an oxygen mask, depending on what the volcano gases are doing at the time. The oxygen mask will require him to carry an additional 13 pounds of compressed air on his shoulders. He told USA Today that that’s a big deal.

“It’s a big deal because it adds more bulk,” he said. “Actually, my back has been in more pain than it’s ever been before because it’s pulling me back. So I’ve added more stress and more bulk, meaning that if there are any winds, I’m less aerodynamic.”

He will also be wearing a safety harness, which would usually not be present in his performances. However, as the event is being broadcast live on ABC, he is being made to wear it. The Flying Wallendas are known for performing without a net.

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