Nik Wallenda’s Next Walk Hasn’t Been Announced

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Nik Wallenda is a dreamer with many huge plans for his future walks. But what exactly does he have in store next?

Wallenda hasn’t made an announcement yet for what he is going to do next, following his darign volcano walk. He told Niagara Frontier Publications he has a plan, but he hasn’t announced specifically what that is. He said in the interview published February 27, 2020 that he was focused on the task at hand.

Wallenda’s volcano walk is his highest and longest yet, and it comes with some unique obstacles. He’ll be performing with a gas mask because of poisonous gases, which cut down on his oxygen levels and make the high wire slippery. “Volcano Live!” airs at 8 p.m. EST Wednesday, March 4, 2020 on ABC.

Here’s what you need to know:

Nik Wallenda Hasn’t Been Permitted to Announce His Plans for his Next Stunt

Nik Wallenda has plans for his next stunt, but he hasn’t yet been permitted to announce them. He has discussed plans for many death-defying stunts in previous interviews, which eventually came to fruition. But Wallenda hasn’t been allowed to say what he’s doing next as of the airing of “Volcano Live!.”

Niagara Frontier Publications reported:

Q: Do you allow yourself to think about what’s next? Or is it all hands on deck, all thoughts, all effort toward Nicaragua?

Nik Wallenda: I would say at this point it’s certainly all hands on deck. Everything is about Nicaragua and nothing else. That is my focus. But certainly, there’s always the thoughts of, “OK, what’s next?” You know, I’m always working on the next one, if you will.

And, of course, your next question is, “What is it?” And, of course, my answer is I won’t announce that until I’m further down the line with permission from that.

I’m constantly thinking about what’s next. But, again, this close to an event, it really is focused solely on the event itself that’s coming up.

Nik Wallenda’s Volcano Walk Is His Highest & Longest Walk to Date

Nik Wallenda’s stunts get increasingly more difficult, so it would stand to reason that whatever he has planned after crossing an active volcano is sure to draw an audience. He told Niagara Frontier Publications that he was focused on that stunt before moving onto anything else, although he had future plans for upcoming high wire acts.

For “Volcano Live!,” Wallenda will traverse 1,800 feet on a wire that is one-inch thick in diameter. The Masaya Volcano in Nicaragua is part of the famed Pacific Ring of Fire. The Pacific Ring of Fire is a stretch of active volcanoes that stretch across South America, up to North America, over to Asia and down to Tonga, bordering the Pacific Ocean. If you trace the grouping of active volcanoes on a map, it creates is a horseshoe shape.

The volcano is just 14 miles from Nicaragua’s capital city, Managua, and sits 2,083 feet above sea level. It is also one of seven active volcanoes in the country.

“It is crazy, but again, when I do this stuff, it is about continuing to push myself further,” he told Inside Edition.

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