Is Zach Having an Affair With Lindsay on ‘Married at First Sight?’

Zach Justice, Mindy Shiben, Married at First Sight

TLC Is Zach having an affair with Mindy's friend Lindsay on "Married at First Sight?" Here's what we know, but be warned: some MAJOR spoilers ahead!

Tonight’s episode of Married at First Sight features a pretty significant scandal involving Zach Justice, who reveals that he’s been talking to one of Mindy Shiben’s close friends on the side. In a clip shared on the official MAFS Instagram page, Mindy confronts Zach about his relationship with her friend Lindsay, who appeared on an earlier episode of the show.

Although Lindsay hasn’t played much of a role in Season 10 so far, both Zach and Lindsay admit to having sparked up a “friendship” while Zach and Mindy were dealing with some issues in their relationship. So what’s going on with the two today? Did Zach have an affair with Lindsay while the show was filming? Here’s what we know:

Warning: MAJOR MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT SPOILERS AHEAD! Turn back now if you don’t want anything ruined for you ahead of tonight’s episode!

Mindy Confronts Zach & Lindsay About Their Relationship During Tonight’s Episode

Tonight’s episode of the show, titled “Anniversaries and Secrets,” promises some serious fallout between Zach and Mindy while the two attempt to celebrate their one-month anniversary. The conversation involving Zach’s relationship with Lindsay started after the reality star confronted Mindy on allegedly being dishonest with him earlier on in their relationship. While he refuses to tell Mindy what she allegedly did, he mentions that her “friends can confirm” her dishonesty, which prompts Mindy to ask her husband who he’s been talking to behind her back.

Zach tells Mindy that he and her close friend Lindsay connected on Instagram after the wedding and eventually exchanged phone numbers. He admits that he’s been talking with Lindsay for a few weeks and Mindy responds, “Do you think maybe you should tell me that you’re having a friendship on the side with one of my friends?”

Although Zach tells Mindy that he and Lindsay only chatted a few times, the reality star eventually calls her friend, who tells Mindy a different story … according to Lindsay, she and Zach have spoken on the phone several times (although he claims it was only once), and they often text one another.

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A clip shared earlier in the season also gave viewers a sneak peek at the looming love-triangle drama, so it should come as no surprise that it’s finally playing out on the show. In that specific promo, Lindsay tells Mindy, “I’m mad at myself about it, and I’m ready to tell you the whole truth.” In response, Mindy tells the cameras that “somebody is lying here, either one of my best friends or my husband.”

Zach and Mindy have already been dealing with a plethora of issues this season, from Zach’s lack of attraction to his wife, to his refusal to move in and give their marriage a real shot. Watching their “love” story play out has been cringeworthy to say the least, and has us questioning how the experts ever thought Zach would be a good match for Mindy.

Keep reading for MAJOR SPOILERS regarding Zach and Mindy’s relationship, what they ultimately choose to do on Decision Day, and how Lindsay fits into the equation.

Mindy & Zach Split Up After She Accuses Him of Having an ‘Emotional Affair’ With Lindsay

While it’s unclear if Zach and Lindsay really did have an affair while the show was still filming, according to spoilers shared by Instagrammer MAFSFan, Mindy and Zach file for divorce after she and the experts accuse Zach of having an “emotional affair” with Lindsay. MAFSFan writes, “It will be revealed that Mindy’s friend Lindsay started talking with Zach at one point … Mindy and the experts accused him of having an emotional affair with Lindsay.”

The Instagrammer also notes that “Zach denies it, of course,” and that there was “no indication the two had anything physical happen.” MAFSFan adds that when Lindsay and Zach started talking, she was allegedly trying to help Zach better understand Mindy while the two were working through issues in their marriage. Although the Instagrammer claims Lindsay had Mindy’s best interests at heart, they also write that “things might have gotten blown out of proportion somewhere down the line.”

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