’90 Day Fiance’: Jay & Ashley Offer Free Cameos to Essential Workers

Jay Ashley

Instagram/Ashley Martson "90 Day Fiance" stars Jay Smith and Ashley Martson are offering free cameos to essential workers during the coronavirus pandemic.

90 Day Fiance stars Jay Smith and Ashley Martson are offering free cameos to essential workers during the coronavirus pandemic. They’re extending the offer to students in the medical field who are scheduled the graduate and are only doing it on April 6.

Cameo is an app that records personalized video shoutouts from your favorite celebrity. Many 90 Day Fiance alum use the app to connect with their fans. The cost usually ranges from $30 to $100, depending on the person.

“Hello everyone! I know we are all very stressed due to the current circumstances. Jay and I would like to send free cameos to any essential worker or student that is due to graduate next month,” Ashely wrote on Instagram. “Education is huge and we know how hard you worked for that degree! Essential workers we can’t even begin to express how grateful we are for each and every one of you! Thank you so much for all you do. I can’t imagine how any of you are feeling and we want to do our best to cheer you up.”

Essential workers who are interested in a potential cameo from Jay and Ashley can use the code “JayandAsh.” It will only be valid on April 6 and Ashley wasn’t sure if they would be able to fill all the requests but promised to try to get to many as possible. Ashley said they could do them together as a couple or separately and asked that only essential workers happy for a free cameo.

“We will try to get to as many as possible but we may get so many requests we can’t get to them all in one day. We will do more each week so if we didn’t get it this week we will get to you the next,” she said. “The code isn’t currently active so please don’t use it until Monday! Stay safe everyone.”

Are Jay and Ashley Back Together?

It might seem like an obvious question, but Jay and Ashley famously have a tumultuous relationship. Ashley filed for divorce twice and they weren’t together at the start of the year. Jay cheated on her shortly after they were married.

The mother-of-two confirmed they were together again with a TikTok video. It showed her dancing and when she shut off the lights, Jay appeared and gave her a kiss.

They Never Stopped Loving Each Other

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Despite their volatile relationship, both 90 Day Fiance stars admitted they still cared about each other–even when they weren’t together. “She’s my first wife, so I’m still going to have that soft spot in my heart for her no matter what,” Jay told In Touch Weekly in a February 19 interview. “I just can’t deal with her.”

Ashely echoed a similar message in December. “To this day I still hurt. I still love him. I just have come to terms with the fact it’s over and I’m gonna be okay,” she wrote on Instagram, according to E! Online. The post no longer appears on Ashley’s page.

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