WATCH: Adam Sandler Singing New Quarantine Song

Adam Sandler

Getty Adam Sandler is hosting the May 4 episode of Saturday Night Live, despite claiming in the past that he never had any interest in hosting the show.

Adam Sandler debuted his new “Quarantine Song” during an interview with Jimmy Fallon. The interview was streamed from Sandler’s house as The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon is being broadcast from Fallon’s home during the global coronavirus pandemic.

Sandler’s interview started off as any late-night show interview does, with Fallon welcoming Sandler to the show and thanking him for being there. Sandler told Fallon he looked handsome, asking if he was sitting in front of birch wood and then complimenting the wallpaper.

“Did you shower today, or no?” Sandler asked as Fallon started laughing. “You didn’t did you?”

Sandler is staying in Los Angeles with his wife and two children at home. He said he’s just “hanging out, trying to get past all this.”

He said he’s been watching the show because it takes his mind off of things when he’s watching something that’s happening right now, commenting that he’s been watching old basketball games and he watched a high school baseball game from 1989 the other day.

Watch the “Quarantine Song” Video

Sandler said he didn’t memorize the song since he’d recently written it, so he put on sunglasses so no one could tell he was peaking at his notes so often.

The song started off talking about doctors bringing babies into the world, taking care of grandmas and handing out old lollipops after hitting knees with hammers. Then, he talked about nurses finding veins and wearing crocs while giving out ice packs and pain medication.

“Doctors and nurses will save us from this mess if we give them the supplies that they need,” he sang. “And I hope they save us soon, ’cause I’m really, really sick of my family.”

He thanked the doctors in Italy, Spain and China and “also Chinese doctors in America,” following that up with singing about the need for ventilators, masks and coming together.

“I’m teaching math to my kids, and that can’t be good for America,” the Uncut Gems star continued.

The song urged people listening to stay home as much as they can and wash their hands in order to “make this damn thing go away.”

“We love you doctors and nurses, you’re saving lives every day. Find a cure for this [expletive], ’cause I really, really miss hugging my mailman,” the song concluded.

Sandler and Fallon Reminisced About Old Times

Fallon told a story about David Wells, who he says went out with him for an SNL party until 6 a.m. one morning and then pitched a Yankees game early the next day.

“We were at the SNL after-party with David Wells, a great pitcher for the Yankees, and we’re hanging out, we’re having some drinks, and we’re going late…” he said. “I go home, and I just crash. I wake up the next day. It’s gotta be 1:00, 1:30 the next day, and I turn on the TV, and David Wells is pitching.”

Fallon said he thought the game had to have been an old game, but he soon found out it was actually live. He said that Wells actually threw a perfect game that day.

They went on to talk about their children and comedy before finishing up the interview with Sandler’s song.

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