Amber and Matt Update on MAFS: Where Are They Now?

Matthew Gwynne & Amber Bowles, Married at First Sight

Lifetime Matthew Gwynne and Amber Bowles are basketball lovers and stars of this season of "Married at First Sight."

Amber Bowles and Matt Gwynne, stars of the hit Lifetime series Married at First Sightwere matched during Season 9 of the show. The reality stars had a tumultuous relationship, fraught with cheating allegations, several big fights and plenty of tears from Amber. The two ultimately called it quits on Decision Day, despite Amber’s attempts to make things work all season.

Matt and Amber will be reuniting during the Lifetime special Married at First Sight: Where Are They Now?, which airs Wednesday, April 29 at 8 p.m. ET/7 p.m. CT. In a clip shared ahead of the MAFS special, the reality stars admit that they’re still married today, much to Amber’s dismay. Keep reading for details:

Matt Refuses to Sign the Divorce Papers on Live TV

In the clip above, host Kevin Frazier asks Matt and Amber if they are still together today, and Amber answers “oh hell no.” When asked if they are still married, she replies, “No we’re not divorced, we’re not even separated.” She tells Frazier that she’s sent Matt divorce papers three times with no reply, before surprising her estranged husband with a notary.

“I asked production to bring a notary, to bring the papers, and he’s gonna bring ’em, and you’re gonna sign ’em, and we’re gonna get a divorce!” Amber exclaims excitedly. When Frazier asks Matt if he’ll sign the papers on camera, he says he wants his lawyer to look at them first.

“I’m not just gonna sign something without reading through it,” he tells Frazier. Amber says the papers don’t require anything from him besides a legal divorce, and he replies, “Trust me I’m not like, waiting to sign them.” Amber adds, “I know you don’t want to be married Matt, you’re just inconveniencing me so hard right now. I’m ready to move forward and being married to you is not helping me move forward in my life.”

When Frazier tries to bring the notary out on stage for him to sign the papers, Matt states, “There’s really no sense in that because I’m not going to sign anything on a national television TV show. I’m gonna have my lawyer look over it and I’m gonna handle it in a professional manner.” He continues, “There’s a right and there’s a wrong way to do this. I’m gonna do things the right way, legally. I’m not gonna sit here and do this s–t on a f–king reality TV show right now.”

In response to his comment, Amber gets frustrated. “Yeah. Okay. You have the power. You’re holding power over me because you have to sign them. Just let me move on with my life. That’s all I want. I’m not trying to be professional, I’m trying to get divorced.” She adds, “There’s no ‘professionality’ here. We ditched that a long time ago when everything went down on the show, Matt. So, I’m not professional. No, I’m not. We have no cordiality. I am not friends with you. So, I want a f–king divorce now.”

Amber & Former MAFS Star Mindy Shiben Are Now Friends

Amber’s most recent Instagram picture features a side-by-side shot of her and fellow co-star Mindy Shiben, who featured on Season 10 of the show. The reality stars both dealt with similar failed marriages during their experience on Married at First Sight, including allegations that their husbands were having affairs.

The two recently teamed up together on Instagram Live to answer fan questions about the experiment and their ex-husbands. “@mindy_shiben and I are going LIVE on Friday at 7PM EST!” Amber captioned the photo above. “Send us allll the questions that you’d want us to answer!”

Neither Amber nor Matt appear to be dating anybody at this time, at least according to their Instagram pages. Amber’s page is filled with throwback pictures to her time on the show, fun nights out with her friends and pictures of the MAFS star attending Hornets games, while Matt’s page mainly features pictures of him playing basketball or traveling the world.

Married at First Sight: Where Are They Now? airs Wednesday, April 29 on Lifetime. Click here for more Married at First Sight coverage and updates on the cast.

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