Andrea Bocelli’s House: Where the Italian Opera Singer Calls Home

Andrea Bocelli House

Getty Andrea Bocelli performs at home on September 5, 2014.

The One World: Together at Home concert put on by the World Health Organization and Global Citizen on April 18 will feature some of the biggest names in music and the entertainment world. One of the artists appearing on the special virtual show is Andrea Bocelli, the famous opera singer from Italy.

Bocelli was most recently seen on Easter Sunday, performing a series of songs from the empty Duomo di Milano in Italy for his Music For Hope concert. When he’s not on the road performing, the famous Italian opera singer lives in a large, glamorous mansion on the Tuscan coast in Italy.

Here’s what you need to know about Andrea Bocelli’s home:

His 8,000 Square Foot Home Is Called Villa Alpemare & Is in Versilia on the Tuscan Coast

Architectural Digest visited Bocelli’s home for a profile on his elegant house called Villa Alpemare. He said he was drawn to buy the home immediately: “I really liked its location and the fact that it was an elegant yet unpretentious house—a welcoming home that is large enough for us to live and work in, make music, and host many friends.”

After World War II, the house was actually a hotel for tourists, so it already had a lot of large gathering spaces. After Bocelli purchased it, the family undertook a one-year renovation of the home on all three floors, along with some key guidance from his brother Alberto Bocelli, who is an architect.

The first floor is where the living and dining rooms are located, the second floor is set aside for office space, Bocelli’s studio, and areas to entertain guests, and the top floor is designated for bedrooms and has “truly priceless views, both over the sea and the slopes of the Apuan Alps.”

His home in Villa Alpemare is his main residence when he’s not on the road touring, and he told Architectural Digest he wanted his home to have a comforting feel. “I am very attached to this house. I feel that it resembles me,” he told them.

“The problem is that for most of the year, my profession takes me around the world,” he continued. “As I travel so often, the best vacation I can think of is always within the walls of my home, surrounded by the love of my family, and friends who come to visit me.”

He Sometimes Hosts Impromptu Concerts & Performances in His Home

Bocelli, who is married to his manager Veronica Berti, also has three children: Amos and Matteo from his first marriage, and Virginia. Bocelli’s son Matteo is also a singer and the two have frequently appeared on stage together.

Bocelli told Architectural Digest that when the family hosts get-togethers with friends at the villa, it’s not uncommon for a small impromptu concert to take place afterward. The Bocelli family also occasionally holds musical events in the park around their home for charity.

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, Bocelli has also appeared on The Late Late Show with James Corden through a video conference to perform “Con te partirò” from his home, singing and playing on his grand piano.

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