Best April Fools’ Jokes & Pranks to Play on Your Boss

April Fools' Day 2020

Getty April Fools' Day 2020

April Fools’ Day is here, but as we’re in the midst of a global pandemic, many people are working from home. That being said, some people may want to play a lighthearted joke on their boss to lift their spirits. But is it possible to recognize April Fools’ Day while working remotely? Absolutely.

Some are harmless pranks and others are a bit more over-the-top, but here are our favorite pranks to pull on your boss this year.

Typing Forever

Grab a Gif of the typing dots and text it to your boss. They’ll think you’re really nervous about saying something.

After hours and hours, (and when your boss’s stress level has risen exponentially) send over one-word text. They’ll be confused as to why it took you so long to send something so benign!


This one may be taking it a little too far, but add a new job to your LinkedIn account. Have the start date as next week. Your boss will be utterly confused when they see you’re leaving your current job, and you haven’t even told them.

Ctrl + Alt + Down Arrow

Tell your boss you’ve figured out a shortcut to replying to emails, or something of the sorts. Then, tell them to simply click “Ctrl + Alt + Down Arrow.” Their screen will appear upset side, according to ZDNet.

After sharing a laugh over their screen, tell them to click Ctrl + Alt + Up Arrow to put the screen back to normal.

Dance Party

Tell your boss you’ve organized a ’70s themed virtual dance party to take place tonight. Tell him costumes are required. Then, get a few co-workers on Zoom for a meeting. When your boss logs on, everyone will be confused why he’s dressed like he’s from a different decade.

Uh-Oh Text

Accidentally send a text to your boss that you would send to your Mom or Dad (for example, “Do you know where the toilet paper is?” or simply, “We’ve run out of toilet paper again.” Then, see what your boss could possibly say in response. Keep the conversation going before you admit that it was an April Fools’ Day prank!


Prank your boss by posting a fake service they offer on Craiglist (say, a nannying job, for instance). Then, laugh as the requests start flooding in. They won’t know why people are messaging them about their experience with babysitting and what hours in the day they’re free.

Fake an Anonymous Complaint

If you’re really looking to throw your boss off today, send a fake, anonymous complaint about something benign, like the quality of the bathrooms or the smell of the lobby. Your boss will be confused why someone went to the trouble to send an anonymous email about something of the sorts.

Is Work Back On?

Tell your boss that your town has lifted the Shetler In Place mandate, and people are required to go back to work. Your boss will not be happy when he has to wake up early to head to work today.

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