‘Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart’ Episode 2 Live Spoilers & Recap


The drama started off in high gear on The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart premiere last week. Now in episode 2, the addition of three new women to the house will upend everything.

The episode description teases that Jamie Gabrielle and Trevor Holmes “go on their first date, busking in Venice, California. Will they survive the arrival of Natascha Bessez, a beautiful blonde who is prepared to drop a bombshell on the happy couple and threaten their potential happiness?”

Plus, Bri Stauss and Chris Watson also get a date and so do Sheridan Reed and Julia Rae. ABC teases that “a wild cocktail party leads to an intense, jaw-dropping rose ceremony. What three women will be left without a rose and sent home, and what couples are left to continue on their journey to love and musical fame?”

Follow along here with our live recap but be warned of elimination spoilers. All times Eastern.

8:05 — Matt Ranaudo wakes up the next morning and thanks his lucky stars that he’s still around. Look, man, you’re kind of only around by default and because the producers wanted maximum drama. You really crapped the bed last week. So, even though you have a rose this week, maybe you should examine your behavior. Also, Chris and Bri are the cutest and deserve all the best things.

8:10 — Chris Harrison drops by to inform them that there will be new women arriving this week, which isn’t a huge surprise to anyone. He also gives Jamie a date card and she takes Trevor with her. They head to the Venice Beach boardwalk where they’re going to sing together as street performers. Jamie is worried that she dims her light in favor of guys sometimes, so she’s tickled that Trevor is letting her take the lead. They’re going to sing “Girl Crush” by Little Big Town, which is an incredible song. That group is super talented.

8:15 — They start performing and it’s… OK. Jamie needs to put a little more oomph behind her singing. Breathe from the diaphragm, girlfriend. Just because you’re singing quietly doesn’t mean it should be breathy and unsupported.

8:20 — Back at the mansion, Natascha arrives and she definitely has a few jaws dropping. She’s very pretty and she walks in looking like sex on a stick. As Mel says, “The shoe has dropped and it’s a boot, OK? It’s not like a sandal. She’s very attractive and I’m freaking out.” It also immediately comes out that Natascha knows Trevor and it happens in the least organic way possible. “Wait, this isn’t the Trevor from American Idol, is it?” Oh yes, the one Trevor whom everyone knows because of American Idol. That guy. Anyway, if you’re curious, here’s the info on Trevor’s ex-girlfriend.

8:30 — That night, Jamie and Trevor return from their date and Natascha immediately confronts him about how the way he treated her friend. She will not take no for an answer, she wants to chat ASAP. I like this girl. Trevor says, “I never physically cheated on her, just so you know.” Um, if you have to add the caveat of “physically,” then you know you did something wrong. As Natascha says, emotional cheating is almost worse.

As they have a conversation, the other girls tell Jamie what’s going on and she looks completely heartbroken as she cries about she just told her earlier today that she’s been cheated on in every relationship she’s ever had. Oh, sweetie. Go find yourself a good man. Hint: It’s not on this show (probably, Chris actually seems pretty great).

8:35 — Bri gets a date card and obviously, she invites Chris. “I felt so special. I haven’t felt special like that in a while,” says Chris. Awwww! You guys! Their date takes them to the huge Guitar Center on Sunset Blvd, which is a pretty famous guitar store. They goof around on some instruments and then Bri talks about her broken engagement. In case you’re curious, she was engaged to a man named Jason Taylor. They were on the cover of Utah Valley Bride together. And apparently, he broke it off with her when she called to tell him she found her wedding dress and he told her not to buy it. Yiiiiiikes.

8:50 — Back at the mansion, Jamie is not handling this Trevor bombshell very well. Trevor comes to her and confesses about the emotional cheating and says, “I wanted you to hear it from me before you heard it from somebody else.” Um, too late, dude. But he says he would hate for this to end over something that happened a year and a half ago. Jamie decides to trust him. Hmm.

9:00 — Sheridan Reed gets a date card and invites Julia Rae, obviously. But interestingly, back at the mansion, everybody talks about how Julia is kind of keeping her options open, while Sheridan is ALL ABOUT JULIA. Anyway, their date is to go on a radio show and talk about love, then they get to sing live. They really sound nice together.

9:05 — Meanwhile, Rudi starts reconnecting with Matt. Oh, girl, no. No, no, no. She has to be playing him because she’s nervous she won’t get a rose this week. That has to be it, especially because the other two new girls arrive shortly thereafter — Mariana and Ruby, both of whom are super cute.

9:15 — Savannah gets a date card and she invites Brandon, who is quite the hot commodity right now. Mel is nervous. In fact, she’s not just nervous, she’s a basketcase. She starts crying pretty hard. Oh, sweetie.

9:20 — Sheridan and Julia get back from their date and share a nice kiss before they go back into the mansion. But then Julia finds out Brandon is on a date with Savannah and that doesn’t sit well with her, so she’s obviously very torn about who she likes the most. Speaking of Brandon and Savannah, they get up to sing “Fever” at an open mic night and it’s super sexy.

9:30 — The next day, Julia tells Sheridan she needs to figure things out with Brandon and Sheridan is pretty gobsmacked. He thought they were in it to the same degree, but she’s obviously not sure and he feels like he screwed up by going all in too quickly.

9:35 — It’s cocktail party time and this is everyone’s last chance to secure a rose. It seems like the new women would be at such a disadvantage because it feels like Mariana and Ruby in particular have had next to no time to get to know anybody. But Rudi also feels really nervous that she doesn’t have anybody to give her a rose.

9:45 — Rudi cozies up to Ryan and they just start making out, but then she cries to Jamie about how she didn’t feel a connection and Matt is the only guy she has felt connected to. Oh, don’t go crawling back to him! Noooo!

9:55 — Rose ceremony time. Chris gives his rose to Bri, Trevor gives his rose to Jamie, Matt gives his rose to Rudi, Danny gives his rose to Bekah, Ryan gives his rose to Natascha, Brandon gives his rose to Savannah, Gabe gives his rose to Ruby, and Sheridan gives his rose to Julia. That means Cheyenne, Mel, and Mariana are going home.

9:58 — But then, Brandon tells Julia that she’s still there, so they can figure things out. She correctly says in a talking-head interview that he just chose Savannah and yet he still wants to “figure things out” with her?! Um, no.

The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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