Best April Fools’ Day Pranks When Working From Home


A lot of people are working from home these days during the coronavirus outbreak. So now is the time to get really creative with your April Fools’ Day pranks while you’re working from home. Here are some ideas to help you get started, including pranks if you’re on a video conferencing tool like Zoom.

Turn Into a Potato During a Zoom Meeting

Turn yourself into a potato (or another object of your choice) during your Zoom or Microsoft team meeting and pretend it’s an accident and you can’t turn it off. For a Microsoft Team meeting, you can do this by installing the Snap Camera app, set it to the potato filter, and change the web conferencing software settings to use the Snap Camera app and not the default, Redditor u/TwoAlfa shared. There are other ways to achieve this too, just make sure you test it early so you know it will work.

Redditor u/markht2018 says that if you use the Snap Camera filter and close Zoom, the filter will still be on when you open Zoom next.

Rick Roll Someone

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It’s a classic joke that we’ve seen a lot, but let’s be honest: a good, old-fashioned Rick Roll would be a really nice change of pace these days. Plus, a Rick Roll is a pretty safe bet on a joke that won’t offend your coworkers or get you in trouble.

Fake a Spider During a Video Conference Meeting

Plant a large spider near your chair during a video conference meeting and wait for your colleagues to notice something’s very wrong.

Send Out a Notice that Employee Evaluations Are Starting Back Up

Joke with your colleagues that employee evaluations are starting up again. Tell them this will be done by managers’ watching someone conduct a Zoom meeting through their first floor window. Try some completely outlandish joke like that. But stick with things that are funny because they’re so ridiculous, and avoid anything that jokes about the virus itself.

Ask About a Bug on Someone’s Shoulder

During a work video conference, stare closely at the screen and then say, “Oh my gosh! Look out for that bug!” If you don’t say a name, everyone will check for a non-existent insect.

Accidentally Have Your Cat or Dog Run in During Your Video Meeting

Pretend that your cat or dog ran in and jumped on your lap during your video meeting. What you don’t tell anyone is that you had treats hidden to coax them to join you and interrupt everyone.

Remember: you need to be lighthearted if you’re going to play any jokes for April Fools’ while you’re working from home. This is a stressful time and some people may have loved ones who are sick from the virus. Others may have lost people close to them.

Keep the above April Fools’ Day guide from Redditor u/FurbyFubar mind when making April Fools’ jokes, and keep your jokes respectful and lighthearted.

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