Brandon Mills: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Brandon Mills Listen to your heart


ABC’s new The Bachelor spin-off series, The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart, premieres tonight, April 13, 2020, at 8 p.m. ET/7 p.m. CT. Brandon Mills is one of the contestants on the show, which promises to mix finding a career in music with finding love.

The new spin-off is not a traditional type of Bachelor. Instead, long-time Bachelor Nation host Chris Harrison said the show is different enough to draw interest but comfortable and familiar enough to make people want to keep watching the show.

Harrison described Listen to Your Heart as “Bachelor in Paradise meets A Star is Born.” He explained there will be musical performances mixed in with rose ceremonies and there will be interesting dynamics between the couples both on and off-stage.

Here’s what you should know about The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart contestant Brandon Mills:

1. He Began Playing the Saxophone in Fourth Grade

According to his show biography, Mills began playing saxophone when he was in the fourth grade. Since then, he has become a very talented musician who can play multiple instruments and sing.

He often uploads photos of himself playing the guitar while performing, and he has released music of his own even before Listen to Your Heart was on the air.

He is also a songwriter. He posted a snippet of one of his songs on Instagram, writing, “It’s been a tough life, But we’re owning it, In over our heads but success is still our heritage… Fight with your soul, Fight with your mind. Above the rain clouds, the sun is still shining…, I wrote this song a few years ago for my brother. And in these times I couldn’t think of lyrics more appropriate for the situation.”

2. Family is Important to Him

Family seems to be important to Mills. He wrote the song mentioned above for his brother. He has also shared younger photos of himself with his brothers, and he has posted more than once about how close he is with his mother.

On May 14, 2018, he posted a photo of himself with his mother followed by an Agatha Christie quote about motherhood.

Later on in the post, he added “All the love in the world for this rockstar of a queen. She’s been a trail blazer her whole life. A renegade, a fierce freedom fight, and most importantly, the most solid mother any man could ask for. Go chase down those dreams, the best is yet to be.”

3. He Was in the Marines

According to his show biography, Mills was in the Marines for years in order to protect and serve his country. During that time, he used writing and performing as a way to motivate himself and the soldiers he served alongside.

“But as he moved up in the ranks, his love life sank, when he returned from the war to find the love of his life had moved on without him,” the description reads. “Now, Brandon is looking for an independent woman to make beautiful music with and start a new chapter of life.”

He has opened up about the experience in some Instagram posts, writing “Shout out to every renegade warrior that has offered his or her hand in the creation and protection of this beautiful country, we’re still a crazy band of misfits.”

4. Mills Opened for Jason Derulo in Times Square

Mills has performed in a number of venues with a range of artists throughout the years, but the show biography specifically points out that he once opened for Jason Derulo in Times Square.

More recently, he has worked on recording his own music and furthering his career. He wrote on March 11 that he was working toward “wholeness, not perfection.”

He performed last June at the Outdoor Retailer summer expo alongside Beyond Clothing.

5. He is Influenced by Bob Marley

Mills apparently loves American folk-pop, and he is from Nashville, Tennessee. According to his Instagram, he draws some influence from Bob Marley.

He wrote about the singer after watching a documentary. The contestant said, “The Iron Lion from Zion. Please do yourself a favor and watch the documentary of this legend’s life. It’s so inspiring. He took the lemons of life and made ganga flavored lemonade love jams. Always a hero. Thanks for the light.”

Mills often shares uplifting quotes on his Instagram page. Sharing that light is something he may have taken from Marley.

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