Brandon Fight Spoilers on MAFS: What Happens During the Couples Retreat?

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Lifetime Taylor and Brandon were both arrested after an altercation at a Washington D.C. bar shortly before the reunion.

Brandon Reid, star of the hit reality series Married at First Sighthas been at the center of some serious controversy regarding the production crew and MAFS producers all season. He got confrontational with production in Panama because he didn’t want to be filmed so early after waking up, and the reality star fights with the producers once again during the April 1 episode of the show.

Keep reading for spoilers on what goes down between Brandon and the production crew during Episode 14 of Married at First Sightbut be warned: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD! Turn back now if you don’t want anything ruined for you before the episode airs!

Brandon Goes on an Expletive-Laden Rant & Calls Two of the Producers Pieces of ‘S–t’

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After Brandon and Taylor get into another argument during the April 1 episode, he again takes his anger out on the camera crew and producers. Once Taylor storms away to bed, Brandon tells production “we’re done, you’re not gonna get what you want to get, get this camera off of me,” and starts to unhook his mic. When one of the producers tells him not to touch the equipment, Brandon replies, “What are you gonna do about it? You gonna put your hands on me?”

After he finally gets the mic off, he once again goes after the producers and camera crew; he taunts them, swears at them, and calls two of them pieces of “s–t.” When another crew member jumps in, Leif (the producer), tells her, “He’s trying to stare me down, I don’t know what his problem is,” to which Brandon replies, “Because you’re a f–king idiot. You’re a piece of s–t man, you are. Honestly.” He then attacks the female producer and says, “She’s just as big of a piece of s–t as you, like I don’t care about either one of y’all. I’m done dealing with this charade, this is f–king stupid.”

He then tells Leif to kiss his ass, and when the producer tells him he can go if he wants to go, Brandon starts to taunt him. “No I’m just gonna hang out here and be a f–king asshole for no reason,” he says as he gets into Leif’s face. “Just because I can. I’m gonna stand right here during every step of the way.” He continues to taunt the producer before heading to the bedroom to grab his things, where he is once again confronted by Taylor, so viewers can expect some real drama during tonight’s episode. Spoiler alert! He also leaves the couples’ retreat and doesn’t return, to the surprise of no one.

Note: We will add a clip of the confrontation as soon as one becomes available! In the meantime, check out a clip of his Panama meltdown below.

Brandon Lashed Out at Production While Honeymooning in Panama

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Tonight’s episode isn’t the first time Brandon lashed out at production … fans might recall Brandon’s reaction to being followed onto the elevator by the camera crew while they were still in Panama for the honeymoon. Brandon wasn’t happy about being woken up by Taylor, so he left the hotel room and when production followed him, Brandon shoved his hand in front of the camera and refused to let them follow him onto the elevator. After Taylor confronted him about his rudeness, he got angry, stomped out of the hotel and started swearing at everybody on the bus as they headed to the airport.

“There are some things that he says to production that I don’t agree with, and he’s kind of abrasive and aggressive,” Taylor said at the time. Taylor also noted that Brandon left all of his things in the hotel room, including his wedding ring and passport, forcing her to pack his bag for him. Once he boarded the bus to the airport, she asked him to calm down, and he responded “I’m gonna calm down when I’m in Washington. F–k y’all.”

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