Bride & Prejudice Spoilers: Kee Kee Questions Her Relationship With Kareem

Lifetime In an exclusive teaser obtained by Heavy for the April 15 episode of "Bride and Prejudice," Kee Kee begins to question whether she and Kareem should get married so quickly.

Kee Kee says she can’t imagine getting married without her mother’s approval during tonight’s episode of Bride and Prejudicewhich airs at 10 p.m. ET on Lifetime. Heavy has an exclusive look at Episode 8, which features Kee Kee questioning whether she and Kareem should get married so quickly.

Episode 8, titled “Pray On It,” airs directly following the finale of Married at First Sight. The description for Episode 8 reads, “In a final effort to gain their parent’s approval for marriage, the couples confront their families one last time before Commitment Day. Blair questions if she wants to continue a relationship with her mom, Kelly. Willi and Cameron meet with her family rabbi to discuss the challenges of Cameron converting to Judaism and share the dramatic news with Willi’s parents. Meanwhile, Marvaline’s mounting disapproval of Kee Kee and Kareem’s marriage plans leads to even greater turmoil in the couple’s tumultuous relationship, leading to a blowout fight.”

In the exclusive teaser obtained by Heavy for the Wednesday, April 15 episode of Bride and PrejudiceKee Kee tells Kareen she wants to prioritize her mother’s feelings about the wedding, which doesn’t sit well with her fiance. Keep reading for details and an exclusive look at the new episode:

Kareem is Frustrated With Kee Kee’s Mother & Doesn’t Feel Like Kee Kee is on His Side

In the exclusive clip shared with Heavy, Kee Kee admits that she wants her mother’s support and approval before she gets married. The reality star tells the cameras, “As a little kid I imagined my mom at my wedding and I cannot imagine getting married without her approval.”

A visibly frustrated Kareem notes that there’s “always something” bothering Kee Kee’s mother when it comes to their relationship, and now that she’s gotten to know him better, she’s grasping at straws to find something else to question. Kee Kee adds that “she’s not to be messed with,” and tells her fiance, “It’s up in the air because on one hand, she does want to be supportive, but she just doesn’t think it’s a good idea to [get married] so fast.”

Kareem reminds her that they agreed to stand firm on their decision to get married, and Kee Kee says she is still standing by her decision, but she “knew [her mother] was going to be like that.” Kareen says during a confessional, “It’s like, I understand you wanting to be on your mom’s side but I feel like you wasn’t on my side in this.”

Kee Kee is Starting to Doubt Her Relationship With Kareem & Isn’t Sure They Should Get Married

Kiandria Kareem

Kinetic Content/Lifetime“Bride & Prejudice” star Kareem Allen is ready to prove how serious he is about his relationship with Kiandria Demone.

Kee Kee tells the producers that she wants to respect her mother and consider her feelings in the matter, to avoid having regrets in the future. “In the past, I did prioritize spending time with my family and I regretted it later. I would hate for that to happen with my mom. So right now I want to at least try to prioritize her feelings some.”

“I really think that she’s pissed, I just think she’s pissed that we didn’t take her advice on waiting,” Kee Kee tells Kareem. They both agree that they’re not sure how everything is going to play out, and “it could go either way.”

“I was just expecting this to be different, I thought we would grow closer but we end up butting heads,” Kareem tells the cameras. “And now there’s a weird animosity between us.” He then asks Kee Kee if she honestly thinks Marvaline will give her approval after everything is said and done, which has Kee Kee questioning if she and Kareem should be tying the knot so quickly.

“Maybe my mom made a good point about getting married too soon,” she says. “I’m starting to feel a little bit of doubt, not only with the wedding, but also with Kareem.”

Bride and Prejudice airs Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. ET, directly following Married at First SightIn the meantime, you can find all the latest in reality TV coverage and entertainment news here.

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