Brielle Money, Michelle Money’s Daughter: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Michelle Money

Michelle Money/Instagram Brielle Money is the daughter of "Bachelor" alum Michelle Money. She was in a "terrible" skateboarding accident last week.

Brielle Money is the daughter of Bachelor in Paradise alum Michelle Money. Brielle was placed in a medically induced coma last week following a “terrible skateboarding accident” on March 30. She’s 15 years old.

Michelle Money asked for everyone to pray for her daughter. “Today’s been a week and if we can’t get her numbers stabilized then we are going to have to put her into a deeper coma that has lots of other side effects that we don’t want, or we’re going to have to do surgery and remove part of her skull,” the star, 39, said in a video update.

“I believe in the power of prayer,” she wrote, as she asked everyone who could join her and her family for a moment of prayer. “Sorry for the emotional video, I just don’t know what else to do and I’m alone in here and need support,” she continued.

“Last night was so scary,” the former reality TV star captioned the video. “Considering other options since it can’t be managed with what we are currently doing.”

1. Brielle Has Not Stabilized

Brielle has been on life support since the accident happened. The following day she had surgery to relieve the pressure that’s on her brain, but her numbers have not stabilized, Ryan Money revealed in an update on Saturday.

Every time the doctors try to take her off the medication Propofol, which keeps her sedated, “her pressure number shoots up.”

The family was hoping Brielle would have been stable enough to get an MRI so they could better understand the damage that happened to her neck. “We were really hoping that we would be able to get Brielle an MRI on Sunday (tomorrow),” Ryan Money wrote on April 4. “This MRI is to check the ligaments in her neck and make sure that there is no damage to them. The reason why this is important is that if they are damaged then her neck needs to be immobilized.”

“They do this by putting on a pretty bulky neck brace. Without the MRI though they will not know if her neck is okay and by default when she starts to wake up they will have to have her neck in a brace,” he added. “She will most likely not like the brace.”

2. Michelle Regrets Putting Friendship Before Motherhood

Following Brielle’s surgery, Michelle made a video post where she talked about wanting to be a parent first and a friend second. Before the incident, she always tried to be friendly with her daughter. She shares custody of Brielle with her ex, Ryan Money.

“I’m feeling mad and disappointed in myself today,” she said in her Wednesday post. “I know it’s not helpful in this situation but it’s where I’m at. Raising Brielle as a single mom with 50/50 custody has made it difficult to ever want to argue with her. I only get her half of the week.”

“I regret a lot of things today. I hope this can be a strong reminder to make it your job to be a parent first. They will love you eventually. Keep them safe first. In all aspects. Put the helmet on,” she said. “I’ve made being her friend more important than being her mom.”

3. Michelle Money Said Their RelationshipWas so Important

In a February 2018 post, Michelle Money gushed over the love she has for her daughter to celebrate her 13th birthday. At the time, Brielle was still wearing braces.

“The relationship I have with my daughter is the most important thing in my life! Watching her turn into a TEENAGER has been sooo amazing!” she wrote. “This kid is so wise beyond her years! She is the life of the party! She is courageous, curious, compassionate, self-aware, intelligent, confident and MY TEENAGER!!”

Michelle money added: “Happy Birthday to the best kid in the universe!!! To all of you who have helped me raise this amazing soul-THANK YOU!”

The video compilation she made for her daughter amassed 95,000 views.

4. Michelle Said Brielle Was a Gift

In a tribute for Brielle’s 11th birthday, Michelle praised her daughter for her confidence and ambition.

“This amazing daughter of mine is officially 11 years old today,” she started the post. “I can’t begin to tell you the joy and happiness she has brought to my life. For those of you who are lucky enough to know Brielle, you understand the amazing gift she truly is. Her confidence and ambition is so inspiring to me.”

Michelle Money added: “Her laughter is the highlight of every day. Her compassion and ability to relate and understand to others is something only a mother knows how to fully appreciate. She is my strength and my light. She is everything I want to be. Happy Birthday to my baby girl Brielle! I love you up to the sky, twice as high!!!”

5. Fans of ‘The Bachelor’ Sent Their Prayers to Brielle

Michelle Money likes to share her life with her followers on social media, and a major part of that has been including her daughter in her updates. She’s continually shared monumental updates, from birthdays to getting her braces off and more. Both she and Ryan Money have been very public about their daughter’s hospitalization.

It’s led their fans to pour into the comment section, sharing their prayers and hopes for Brielle to recover. Money’s Sunday post, where she asked for fans to pray collectively, garnered more than 5,000 comments. The video was viewed nearly 300,000 times.

“Praying with all I am. Truly,” personal trainer Kelsey Wells wrote. “Praying hard for Brielle!” Bachelorette star Desiree Hartsock Siegfried wrote.

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