Is Buffalo Wild Wings Open or Closed on Easter Sunday 2020?

Buffalo Wild Wings

BWW/Instagram Yes, Buffalo Wild Wings is opened on Easter Sunday, April 12.

Yes, Buffalo Wild Wings is opened on Easter Sunday, April 12. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, there is no dining at BWW establishments. Their new hours are from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. ET. The holiday does not affect these hours.

Depending on the location, some BWW restaurants are offering free delivery when customers order from their site or the Buffalo Wild Wings app. This offer may not apply through third party services.

B-Dubs Is Offering Limited-Time Only Bundles

The restaurant is currently offering some bundles, which include regular french fries and either traditional or boneless buffalo wings. The largest option they have is the family bundle for $34.99 and includes 20 traditional wings, 20 boneless wings, and regular fries. Their smallest option is 10 boneless wings and fries for $9.99. For those who are interested in only traditional wings, there’s a bundle for 20 wings and fries that costs just over $30.00.

Inspire Brands, the company behind Arbys, BWW, Sonic, Rusty Taco and Jimmy Johns, announced on March 16 that they would only be serving their food to-go. “Inspire Brands is committed to supporting our guests, team members, and communities while we all take measures to prevent the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19),” the company said.

They are reinforcing their “robust” cleaning standards and are more frequently sanitizing commonly accessed areas like door handles, bathrooms and the areas where people order food. They are also providing hand sanitizers for their guests.

To keep their employees safe, they’re recommending regular handwashing and emphasizing that people stay home if they feel sick.

“Our team at Inspire Brands has convened a cross-functional Coronavirus Preparedness Task Force that is helping our team members and franchisees remain informed and prepared as this situation unfolds,” the company said. “We know that this time is not easy for anyone, and we are here to do our part to help.”

Sports Live On at Buffalo Wild Wings

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, Buffalo Wild Wings had to cancel their marketing campaign for March Madness. But they weren’t ready to give up sports. They launched a new campaign, where they declared that sports live on. They shared a clip that showed people still trying to practice sports during the quarantine. In one feature, a woman named Melody Donche juggled a roll of toilet paper with her feet. The ad at the end reads, “even when sports aren’t on, sport lives on.”

“We’re a brand that connects people over their shared love of sports,” Buffalo Wild Wings Chief Marketing Officer Seth Freeman said in a statement, according to AdAge. “And even though sports aren’t on TV, they’re still playing out in living rooms across the globe. So it was only fitting that we acknowledge them. And in doing so, hopefully make fans feel a little more connected.”

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