Are Fast Food Drive Thrus Open on Easter 2020?

Drive Thrus Open on Easter

Getty An exterior view shows a sign on a window at a Taco Bell restaurant on March 30, 2020 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Taco Bell Corp. announced that on March 31, 2020, the company will give everyone in the country one free beef nacho cheese Doritos Locos Taco, no purchase necessary, to drive-thru customers at participating locations while supplies last as a way of thanking people who are helping their communities in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. The company also announced it would relaunch its Round Up program, which gives customers the option to "round up" their order total to the nearest dollar, to raise funds for the No Kid Hungry campaign. The Taco Bell Foundation will also be donating $1 million to the campaign.

This Easter, drive thru restaurants may be your only option for “dining out”. Read on for a rundown on fast food drive-thrus open for the holiday.

Easter Sunday in 2020 is different than Easters of the past. The world is dealing with a pandemic and many places are under lockdown. Staying at home has become a way of life for people across America and thousands of businesses have closed their doors as COVID-19 continues to spread. But, there are many restaurants open and offering takeout options only. In addition, while some drive-thrus have been closed down, there are still a host of them that are operational.

Fast Food Drive-Thrus Open on Easter Sunday

DALLAS, TEXAS – APRIL 07: A Starbucks employee wears a facial covering while working the drive-thru during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic on April 07, 2020 in Dallas, Texas. Starbucks is requiring employees to wear a facial covering and is making thermometers available to employees who would like to take their temperature before starting a shift.

One might think that all fast food drive-thru restaurants are open 24/7. But, that’s not true for Easter Sunday. According to Southern Living, some of the major fast food chains are closed, so if you’re looking for a Wendy’s, Pizza Hut, or KFC open near you, you’re out of luck. Fast food places with drive-thrus that are definitely closed on Easter this year include Chick-Fil-A, Long John Silvers, Popeye’s, Panda Express, Arby’s, Pizza Hut, and Dairy Queen, according to Parade. Those familiar with Chick-Fil-A know that all Chick-Fil-A restaurants are closed on Sundays in general.

As for some fast food drive-thrus that are still running on Easter, they include McDonald’s, Burger King, White Castle, Krystal, Sonic and participating Boston Market drive-through restaurants, as reported by Good Housekeeping. When it comes to Starbucks, a limited amount of their drive-thru stores will be open.

Fast food restaurants open for takeout include Buffalo Wild Wings, Cracker Barrel, Waffle House, Denny’s, Taco Bell, IHOP, Domino’s Pizza, Panera, and Papa John’s Pizza.

Due to Coronavirus, restaurants and fast food chains have put restrictions in place to ensure the safety of their customers, along with their employees. Each restaurant has posted the measures they are taking to combat the virus on their websites. For example, the McDonald’s official website has posted this statement, “The well-being of our people and customers is our top priority, so we are taking precautions to protect your health. All restaurants are encouraged to move to Drive-Thru, Delivery and Walk-In Take-Out and close down all dine-in seating. Find out more about McDonald’s response to COVID-19.”

Some Areas Are Holding Drive-Thru Church Services

Drive Thrus Open on Easter

A Taco Bell employee delivers an order to a customer at the drive-up window of the restaurant on March 31, 2020 in Hollywood, Florida.

Restaurants aren’t the only establishments incorporating drive-thrus. Amid the global pandemic, some churches are offering virtual Easter services via live stream online. But, there are also churches offering drive-thru services. These drive-thru services have been banned in some areas. For example, the LA Times has reported that San Bernardino County has banned drive-in services as part of their social-distancing restrictions.

The county released the following statement about banning drive-thru services, “People may not leave their homes for driving parades or drive-up services or to pick up non-essential items such as pre-packaged Easter eggs or bags filled with candy and toys at a drive-thru location.”

The New York Post reported that in Louisville, Kentucky, federal judge Justin Walker actually feels the opposite about drive-in services. The Mayor of Louisville tried to ban drive-up church services and Judge Walker issued a restraining order against Mayor Greg Fischer.

According to NBC Boston, all Easter church services in Massachusetts are canceled though Vineyard Church in Hopkinton holds online and drive-thru services.

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