Easter 2020 at Home: Last-Minute Ideas on How to Celebrate


Easter Sunday 2020 is here, but the holiday feels a little different this year. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, people around the world are practicing social distancing, which means that those who observe the religious holiday need to come up with inventive ways to celebrate Easter from the safety of their homes.

Read on for some last-minute ideas on how to make your Easter feel special this year, wherever you are.

Have an Indoor Easter Egg Hunt

A fun Easter tradition is holding an Easter egg hunt. It engages everyone’s competitive spirit and, even if you’re an adult, is a fun way to feel like a kid and revel in a much-needed sense of play.

While public Easter egg hunts are not being held this year, you and yours could still have one of your own! If it’s not possible to go outside where you live, don’t worry – there are still plenty of hiding places indoors to hide and find eggs!

If you don’t have eggs to hardboil and point, you can improvise by cutting out egg shapes on paper and decorating them. Or, you could choose something else to hide instead of the traditional egg — hiding candy, small toys, or anything else you can find around your house. Just make sure everyone knows what’s hidden, so you don’t end up accidentally losing something at the end of the game!

Watch a Live-Streamed Easter Service

For many, going to church is a big part of their Easter holiday. Since masses are suspended while the coronavirus threat is ongoing, many major church establishments are offering live-streamed services online. For a list of some of the popular online church offerings this year, click here.

In addition to the variety of Easter masses available to watch from home, Andrea Bocelli is offering a free live-streamed concert from Milan, Italy. The concert begins at 1 p.m. EDT. The performance is meant to spread a message of “love, healing, and hope,” so it’s sure to lift your spirits and make the day feel a little bit more festive.

Host a Virtual Easter Brunch

Easter is a time when family and friends come together to share meals and celebrate. Since throwing any kind of in-person party goes against social distancing protocol, throwing a virtual party on Zoom, Facetime, or your video chat platform of choice is a worthy alternative. Pick a time that works for all of your guests and send out the link in the form of a fun invitation – you can even coordinate with one another’s at-home brunch or dinner plans so it feels like everyone is enjoying a meal together. If it’s part of your Easter tradition, the video call could even include reading passages from the Bible.

A video call is a great opportunity to catch up with family and feel more connected, especially at a time when so many are feeling isolated. If you have older relatives, make sure to help them set up the video in advance to avoid any frustration and ensure that they feel included.

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