Elton John’s House: Where His Husband & Kids Call Home

Elton John House


Elton John lives with his husband David Furnish and their two sons, Zachary Jackson Levon Furnish-John and Elijah Joseph Daniel Furnish-John. They have homes in multiple cities around the world.

John and his husband own homes in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Nice, Venice and Windsor. Today, John and his family are social distancing in the states, and John has performed from his home a few times since the stay-at-home orders started being issued due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Though they do value their privacy, John has taken Architectural Digest inside some of his homes, allowing them to take photos and explore his mansions.

Read on to learn more about Elton John’s home.

John Owns a Home in Beverly Hills

In an article that was originally published in 2013 soon after the birth of John and Furnish’s second son, the husbands said they wanted a manageable sized house from the 1960s in Los Angeles. The home they chose was, therefore, chosen in order to create a comfortable home for their family.

Because they’d previously been living in an apartment, they hadn’t had any room for their children to run around outside freely with a front and back garden.

“It’s quintessential L.A.,” Furnish told Architectural Digest of their new home. “I remember walking to the front door and saying, ‘It’s perfect.’”

The home featured a lot of art, marble tables and glass walls on shelves and in bookcases. They owned a large TV where John could watch soccer, and their master suite included an alpaca rug and a bed upholstered in ostrich leather.

John’s Beverly Hills home, which he and Furnish purchased in 2015, sits on 20-acres and was purchased for around $32 million by John. The home includes a screening room, wine cellar, game room and a gym. They also have a garage spacious enough for all of John’s 11 cars.

Each of Their Homes Have Their Own Identity

According to a separate article by Architectural Digest, each of John’s homes have their own identity and glamor, and each of the homes offered privacy to him and Furnish since they are so recognizable.

“Disguises don’t work—I’ve tried, but I can’t walk down the street,” John said. “Life and friends have to come to me.”

John also said that each home is a work in progress and he would have liked to be a decorator if he weren’t a musician.

“I wanted a normal life, a traditional country house, and Andrew Protheroe and Adrian Cooper-Grigg created that for me at Woodside,” he said. “Ever since then, I’ve always had a decorating project under way, and because I always want to do more, each house is a work in progress.”

John describes his Windor Estate as “tastefully over the top,” and his London home has been refined but is still classic. The Windsor Estate holds a library, a salon, and even a chapel. He has expressed that he loves the aesthetic and 18-th century, vintage feel of his home in Windsor.

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