Eve Chilton Weinstein Update: Harvey Weinstein’s First Wife Today

Eve Chilton Harvey Weinstein Sal Martirano

Getty/Facebook Left: Eve Chilton and Harvey Weinstein in 2004. Right: Eve Chilton and Sal Martirano in 2016.

Investigation Discovery is releasing Harvey Weinstein: ID Breaking Now on Sunday, April 12. The hour-long special is set to dive into the uncovered details behind the Harvey Weinstein crimes and hear from people central to the case. A lot of viewers watching the show will be wondering about people who were once central to Weinstein’s life, such as Eve Chilton Weinstein, Harvey Weinstein’s first wife.

Harvey Weinstein and Eve Chilton met in 1986 and started dating soon after that. They got married in 1987 and were together until their divorce in 2004. The two have three children together: Lily, who was born in 1995; Emma, who was born in 1998; and Ruth, born in 2002, just two years before their separation.

Where is Eve Chilton Weinstein today?

Eve Chilton Remarried Sal Martirano Soon After Her Divorce From Weinstein

Sal Martirano and Eve Chilton

FacebookSal Martirano and Eve Chilton

After her divorce from Weinstein, Chilton soon married businessman Sal Martirano and moved in with him in the suburbs of New York City. The two combined their families since Chilton’s three daughters were about the same age as Martirano’s two sons from his previous relationship. Although there are some conflicting reports of Eve’s current marital status and whether she’s still married to Sal Martirano, he still has pictures of the family on his Facebook and displayed as his cover photo.

Chilton has been successful at remaining out of the public eye since her split from Weinstein, especially since his high-profile case hit the headlines. Even when she was married to Weinstein, Eve remained a very private person, and she was rarely mentioned in any interviews or profiles on Weinstein when the two were still together.

Chilton and Weinstein met when Eve got a job working at Miramax as Weinstein’s assistant. In one article, a former Miramax employee said, “It seemed like not even a day [passed] before he was all over her. For possibly a couple weeks or so there were a dozen roses on her desk when we walked in to work, to the point where we had to confront him and say: ‘You can’t do this, it’s an office, not your personal, sexual playground.'”

The two divorced in 2004 when Eve discovered that Weinstein had been sleeping with other women. In fact, Weinstein started dating his second wife, Georgina Chapman, in 2003 when he was still with Chilton.

After Chilton and Weinstein’s divorce, it was revealed that Eve got their 5,500 square-foot apartment at 88 Central Park West in the settlement, which she sold for $23 million before she married Martirano and moved in with him.

Chilton Sued Weinstein for $5 Million in Child Support & Refused to Support Him During His Recent Trial

Sal Martirano and Eve Chilton

FacebookSal Martirano, Eve Chilton and their kids.

In the fall of 2017, Eve Chilton sued her ex-husband for $5 million in child support. According to one news report, she stated that Weinstein had threatened to stop paying support and she was apparently worried that he would lose a lot of his money during his court battle. However, judge Michael Katz ruled in favor of Weinstein.

After Weinstein was convicted of sex crimes on February 24, media outlets reported that his legal team approached both Eve Chilton and his second ex-wife, Georgina Chapman, to vouch for Weinstein at his sentencing hearing. However, according to sources, both women refused to submit letters on Weinstein’s behalf; he was eventually sentenced to 23 years.

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