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Josie Artin was a close friend and housemate of Haley Anderson, the Binghamton University student killed by a jealous ex-boyfriend in March 2018. 48 Hours documented the investigation into Anderson’s murder and the search for her killer. The Murder of Haley Anderson debuted tonight, April 25, on CBS at 10/9c.

Artin was one of the witnesses who spoke with 48 Hours about what happened the day Anderson was discovered dead. Artin said she and the other roommates became concerned after Anderson failed to show up at an event and was not responding to texts or phone calls. Anderson’s roommates used the “Find My Friends” app to track Anderson’s cellphone to Orlando Tercero’s apartment. Tercero and Anderson had been romantically involved, but Anderson did not want a serious relationship with him. Artin described Tercero as acting jealous when Anderson dated other people.

Artin and another roommate, Mishela Topalli, went to Tercero’s apartment and climbed in through a window after no one answered the door. They found Anderson’s body tucked into Tercero’s bed. Days later, Artin told the New York Post she knew Anderson was dead because of the color of her skin. “We called the police. My friend was on the phone with them. They asked, ‘Is she breathing?’ so I went over to her and I just — I wanted her to be alive. But I could tell she hadn’t just died,” Artin explained. “There was no blood. The way she was lying, I wasn’t sure if that’s where she died or he put her there. It was very formal — she was on her back laying on the bed and she had a blanket halfway up her body. And she just had her arms at her side.”

Tercero was a dual citizen of the United States and Nicaragua and flew to the Central American country within hours of Anderson’s murder. According to WNBF, which cited an indictment, Tercero left a note at his New York apartment that read, “I never imagined doing this. I’m sorry.” He was arrested shortly after arriving in Nicaragua and charged with femicide. Tercero was convicted of Anderson’s murder by a Nicaraguan judge and sentenced to 30 years in prison.

After suffering through the horror of her friend’s death, Artin graduated from Binghamton University. Where is she now? Here’s what you need to know:

Josephine Artin Works For a New York Farm In the Marketing Department

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That farm life been savin’ me lately.

A post shared by Josephine Artin (@josartin) on Jan 19, 2020 at 9:32am PST

Artin graduated from Binghamton University in May 2018 with a bachelor’s degree in economics. According to her LinkedIn profile, Artin returned to her hometown of Nyack, a village in Rockland County, New York. Like many recent college graduates, Artin began her professional life with a job at a local shop. She worked at Pie Lady & Son, a coffee shop and baked goods store.

But in the summer of 2019, Artin put her economics degree to work in the farming industry. She is the chief marketing officer for AgZeit Farms. According to its website, AgZeit Farms is an indoor enterprise that grows its products with “natural seeds, natural soils, water, and light” and without chemicals or pesticides. Artin wrote on LinkedIn that she is also associated with a second indoor farm called Bowery Farming as a brand ambassador.

Artin posts frequently on Instagram about her job at the farm. In March 2020, she shared a picture of fresh produce and remarked about reactions to the coronavirus outbreak. She wrote, “When everyone’s stockpiling food but you work at a year round indoor farm with several different varieties of organically grown veggies.”

In August 2019, Artin touched on her busy work schedule in an Instagram post: “I’m allowed to post this selfie bc I’m a vertical farming queen with TWO such jobs, PLUS pickin up shifts from my old barista job and I DONT HAVE A DAY OFF FOR OVER 2 WEEKS! That being said, ?!”

As for her personal life, Artin is dating someone, according to her Facebook page. She also has a cat named Clem, of whom she has shared many photos on social media.

Artin Remembers Haley Anderson as a ‘Sweet Girl’ & Last Saw Her Alive During a Roommate Game Night

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I love you forever, Hales.

A post shared by Josephine Artin (@josartin) on Mar 10, 2018 at 12:18pm PST

Josie Artin last saw Haley Anderson during the weekly game night they held with the other housemates in Binghamton, 48 Hours reported. Artin described Anderson as the friend who would always do what she could to bring everyone’s spirits up. “We got so close so fast. She brought such happiness to our house, Artin told Press Connects. “[Anderson] was a sweet girl.”

Artin has posted about Anderson on social media since her death but has generally kept her grief private. The day after Anderson was found dead, Artin shared a series of photos of the friends together with the simple caption, “I love you forever, Hales.”

On March 22, 2018, Artin shared a photo of Anderson from that final game night at the Binghamton house. Artin wrote, “This is the last photo I took of you, from the last time I saw you, and you’re so happy and goofy. You wrapped up Clem in a blanket and handed him to Ben, and I captured this moment of you both laughing. This is a rare image to capture of Ben (for me), but not Haley. It’s blurry, but I feel like it so perfectly captures your essence and your persistent, always moving energy. Miss you, my gal.”

Artin wrote about missing her friend in April 2018. She shared a photo from along a bridge with the caption, “Can’t wait for warmer weather when people aren’t quite so mean and we can all feel Haley with us in the sunshine.”

In August 2018, Artin referenced what happened to Anderson in an indirect way. She shared a page from a book that discussed domestic violence and the number of men who murder their partners or ex-partners. Artin wrote in the caption, “Uuuuuuuuummmm F*CK THIS SH*T.”

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A post shared by Josephine Artin (@josartin) on Apr 17, 2020 at 12:39pm PDT

About a week before the 48 Hours episode premiered, Artin shared a throwback photo of herself and Anderson. They both had their eyes closed as they held a snake to their faces. Artin wrote simply, “Bbgrl.”

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