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Harvey Weinstein ID Documentary Time Channel

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The premiere of the new documentary “Harvey Weinstein: ID Breaking Now,” airs Sunday, April 12, at 10/9 Central on Investigation Discovery. The documentary explores the conviction of Weinstein.

“He threatened, he bullied, he spied on them but Harvey Weinstein could not silence the women he raped and assaulted,” Investigation Discovery writes in its series description. “‘Harvey Weinstein: ID Breaking Now’ interviews Weinstein’s spy and exposes the story Weinstein hoped would never be told.”

‘Harvey Weinstein: ID Breaking Now’ airs Sunday, April 12, 2020, at 10 p.m. EST. The new documentary airs the night of Easter Sunday, 2020, only on Investigation Discovery. It will be an hour-long episode.

Here’s what you need to know:

‘Harvey Weinstein: ID Breaking Now’ Promises to ‘Share Unseen Documents, Forensic Evidence & Heartbreaking Personal Accounts

‘Harvey Weinstein: ID Breaking Now’ dives deeply into the case and conviction of the Hollywood mogul whose exploitation of women led to a national movement. The documentary shares the accounts of Weinstein’s former assistant, Rowena Chiu, actress Rosanna Arquette, model Amber Gutierrez and others. The documentary will highlight evidence and personal narratives that have never been publicly revealed before, according to Discovery.

“Weinstein was a monster, masked as a mogul, and as we developed this series which will investigate society’s most heinous criminals, he was at the top of our list,” said Henry Schleiff, Group President of Investigation Discovery, Travel Channel, American Heroes Channel and Destination America in a statement. “Using a unique breaking news style, our team will share unseen documents, forensic evidence and heartbreaking personal accounts that further expose Weinstein’s reign of terror in Hollywood.”

Seth Freedman, the man who was Weinstein’s spy, also speaks out on the documentary series. He will reveal the hit list of the people Weinstein wanted to silence, according to Discovery.

“Raw and exposed, these women have felt the consequences of sharing their truth and have accepted the burden but, this episode does not stop there,” Discovery’s statement said. “For the first time on US television, Seth Freedman, the man who was Weinstein’s spy, speaks out and reveals the hit list of people Weinstein wanted silenced. This documentary interviews Weinstein’s lawyers, operatives and cronies, exposing just how far this monster went to keep a secret that he knew was bound to get out. Weinstein thought he ruled the world, until the world turned against him, and now everything is coming out in ‘Harvey Weinstein: ID Breaking Now.'”

Rosanna Arquette Reacted to Documents Regarding of One of Harvey Weinstein’s Spies

Harvey Weinstein used spies to intimidate the women he sexually assaulted. Rosanna Arquette had a full picture of the extent of Weinstein’s spying when she saw the investigative documents about her, according to Yahoo! Entertainment. Arquette reads a portion of the document on camera in the documentary.

“Why would you spy on me, Harvey, unless you were worried because of what you did to me,” Arquette said after reading the paper on Investigation Discovery’s ‘Harvey Weinstein: ID Breaking Now.’

You can watch a clip of Arquette on the documentary here.

The report said that Weinstein believed “Rosanna is involved in the campaign being waged against him by disseminating fictitious allegations about him to media sources.”

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