‘HTGAWM’ Live Spoilers & Recap: What Happened on Tonight’s Premiere?

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ABC Spoilers and recap for tonight's premiere of "How to Get Away with Murder."

Fans of How to Get Away with Murder will finally start to get some answers when the series returns to ABC on Thursday. For months, viewers have been left to wonder what happened to their favorite characters and the show has promised to make sense of the last six seasons.

If you don’t want any spoilers, please do not continue reading.

Bonnie Wants Answers About Ron’s Death

Last time we saw Bonnie Winterbottom, we found out that Ron Miller was innocent in Nate Sr.’s death. After being under the impression that Ron took out a hit on Nate’s father, she suffocated him after Nate beat him nearly to death outside Oliver and Connor’s wedding. Now, Bonnie wants answers.

She confronts Nate and tells him to turn himself into police for Ron’s death. Ron’s final moments have been weighing on her.

Why Tegan Helped Laurel

We know that Laurel is safe, but we don’t know why Tegan is the one who helped Laurel and Christopher escaped. It seems there’s more to Tegan’s story than we’re immediately aware of, but we’re about to find out. We still don’t know Laurel’s whereabouts.

When Bonnie tells Tegan that Annalise is missing and Asher is dead, Tegan reveals that she helped Laurel getaway because she was blackmailing her. She tells Frank she knows someone in Mexico and gave Laurel his number. Past that, she didn’t have anything more to do with her disappearance. She also denies helping Annalise escape, saying that Annalise left her in a bad spot by fleeing while the FBI was investigating a murder conspiracy.

Connor and Michaela Are in a Tough Spot

Not only did Michaela and Connor just lose their friend, Asher, they’re also being blamed for his death. While Michaela is ready to fight, Connor has a medical emergency after he finds out what type of trouble they’re in.

Oliver confesses to Asher’s murder, thinking he was the one who killed him. Bonnie let’s him know that he was still alive after he hit him, that he was trying to get Bonnie to say something incriminating when he stopped by her house.

Frank goes to the police station when he hears that Connor and Michaela are in jail, but Connor’s mother doesn’t want any of his help and forces him to leave.

Tegan says Michaela and Connor have been framed by Xavier’s people and tells Michaela that she helped Laurel escape so she would be safe from the Castillos. Even though Tegan tries to help Michaela, she calls Dwight Halpern, who brings a new lawyer to represent her.

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Michaela and Connor are both denied bail, while Bonnie is able to get Oliver released after saying his confession was made while under the influence of drugs. Both Michaela and Connor are offered immunity deals as long as they testify against Annalise at trial. For all their crimes, which are about a dozen felonies, they have to plead guilty and will be given five years in prison.

Michaela asks Dwight what to do and he tells her to take the plea deal. Connor has a similar conversation with Oliver, who also tells him to take the plea deal. Both Michaela and Connor want to be loyal to Annalise and are worried about what will happen to the other if they don’t take the deal.

Michaela and Connor make arrangements for new deals and both try to protect each other. The episode neds without knowing what deals they agreed to.

Where Is Annalise?

Annalise is presumed dead since previews showed her funeral. But it could just be a trick. It could be someone picturing Annalise’s funeral, or Annalise thinking of her own funeral.

When the episode starts, Annalise has left town as “Justine.” No one knows where she is or how she got away.

At the end of the episode, she doesn’t get into the getaway car after getting spooked and is arrested by the FBI.

What Happened to Gabriel?

Gabriel was one of the last people who saw Asher, but we don’t know if he was involved in his murder. It was Asher who knocked on Gabriel’s door in the middle of the night. He wanted Gabriel’s phone and offered him $64,000.

In a preview for the next episode, Gabriel claims that he knows who killed Asher.

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