James King Dead: ‘My 600-Lb Life’ Star Dies at 49

James King

Krystle Raisor Langston/Facebook "My 600-Lb Life" fan. favorite James King died. He was 49 years old.

My 600-Lb Life fan-favorite James King died at Saint Thomas Midtown Hospital in Nashville on Friday, TMZ reported. He was 49 years old. King, who appeared on My 600-Lb Life in the summer of 2018, was battling sepsis and cirrhosis of the liver. A cause of death was not immediately given.

“He was a loving husband, son, brother, daddy and ‘pappy’ to his grandchildren,” his obituary on the Milner and Orr Funeral Home reads. “James loved sports, especially wrestling, hockey and baseball. James’ favorite team to cheer for was the Chicago Cubs. His other hobbies included fishing and communicating to friends across the country on his CB Radio under the handle ‘Cracker Jack.’”

King Gained Weight While on ‘My 600-Life. Life’

When King appeared on the TLC series, he actually gained weight. He went from 791 pounds at the beginning of the show to 840 pounds by the end. King lived in Paducah, Kentucky, and it wasn’t immediately known why he was taken to a hospital in Nashville, which is about a two-hour drive away.

King’s daughter, Krystle Raisor Langston, mourned her father on Facebook. “I miss you so much,” she wrote. “Just feels so empty.” She also posted a picture of herself with her father.

He is survived by his wife, Lisa Raisor King, six children and 19 grandchildren. King’s youngest grandchild was born in late March, according to Starcasm. The site reported that last week his wife posted on social media, “Praying for you baby I love you so much!”

King was one of the heaviest patients to seek help from Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, the doctor on My 600-Lb Life. He found it difficult to stick to his diet.

King Wanted to Enjoy Life

In a clip from June 2018, King told TLC cameras that he wanted to prove to the Texas doctor he would be able to lose weight. “I don’t think it went as good as planned,” King said about a recent weigh-in with Dr. Now, as he’s commonly called. “He chewed me out. He told me I need to reach a certain weight before I come back to see him.”

King didn’t want to give up on his battle. “I don’t know. It triggered something in me. I just wanted to prove to him that I can do it,” he said.

Lisa Raisor King, his wife, was also upset about the appointment. “I was crushed,” she said, “but I think it kind of put the fear in me too that he’s gotta do better than he did or he won’t be here much longer.”

The video shows Lisa Raisor King handing her husband a machine and weights so he can do exercises from bed. King said his plan was to stay within the calorie limit Dr. Now set for him and exercise two to three times a day.

King still wanted to get weight loss surgery. “I know I’m making progress now and that’s all I want to do–is keep on making more progress,” King said at the time. “I’m looking forward to getting up, walking out this door and driving because I want to get out and do things and enjoy life. It’s gonna take a little more hard work but I know I’m on the right path.”

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