Jeffrey Dean Morgan & Hilarie Burton’s House: The Farm They Call Home

AMC Jeffrey Dean Morgan and wife Hilarie Burton at home in New York State April 2020

Jeffrey Dean Morgan and wife Hilarie Burton are filming a new series, Friday Night In with the Morgans, for AMC from their upstate New York farm. Learn more about the house they call home below.

Friday Night In with the Morgans is filmed on the property that the couple calls “Mischief Farm,” TooFab reported. The series is being filmed in a studio that Jeffrey Dean Morgan built in about three days. The house itself is busy and noisy, filled with the Morgans’ two happy children (daughter George, who’s 2, and son Gus, who’s 10.) When Morgan spoke with TooFab, he said he had a dozen ducks with him and a dog hanging around waiting for a duck to drop to the ground. “I’m not even joking,” he said.

AMCJeffrey Dean Morgan and wife Hilarie Burton at home in New York State April 2020 – Friday Night In with the Morgans

He said they were raising ducks in their living room (hence the special studio room for the series itself.) “We had to build a studio just to get away from the madhouse for 45 minutes to film the show,” he told TooFab.

In an interview with TV Insider, Morgan said he’s not sleeping much these days because his mind’s going 100 miles a minute all the time and there’s just too much to do. “We’ve got a farm to keep running,” he said, and Burton is making masks for hospitals.

Hillarie Burton said that they live in a beautiful agricultural farming community in a small town in upstate New York and they’d like to bring their neighbors into the new series too.

“I think the expertise that exists in our community is really important,” she told TV Insider during their interview. “So like Jeff said, we have our personal physician on the first episode. The second episode of the show we have our local farmer who taught us everything about farming.”

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The couple lives on a 100-acre farm in Dutchess County, Poughkeepsie Journal reported. They have many “residents” on their farm, including Diane, the emu, who loves apples and her love, Jack the donkey.

“He’s chivalrous. It’s a beautiful relationship. They really love each other,” Burton said about the donkey and emu.

The couple adopted the bonded pair after seeing a call for help on social media. Burton told Poughkeepsie Journal that she’s chopping wood a lot and they’re growing fruit and vegetables.

The animals on their farm include eight alpaca, three Highland cattle, five miniature donkeys, cows, two dogs, chickens, and ducks.

Burton said the community they live in values preservation and the arts. They shop in nearby Rhinebeck. She said watching each other do work on their property really grew their relationship and they respected each other so much more.

Burton said they named the farm Mischief Farm because when they first toured it years ago, they saw some pet headstones on the property that were hand-carved and both pets were named Mischief.

She said deciding to move from Hollywood to the Hudson Valley wasn’t easy, but they don’t live to work anymore. “You work to live here,” she told Poughkeepsie Journal.

Here are some more photos of the farm.

You can learn more about Mischief Farm on the couple’s website here.

The farm has its own Instagram account here.

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